8 July 2015

Pandora - Charm Bracelets and Tea Cups

I like tea. There's a very good chance you knew that about me. I also like pretty things. I really like pretty things that involve tea! Things like this ridiculously cute Tea Cup Charm from Pandora.

pandora bracelet for tea lovers

I've sort of secretly wanted one of these bracelets for ages. I think since my mum got my sister-in-law one for Christmas a couple of years ago (and a spoilt inner voice somewhere deep inside went 'hey, where's mine?)*
But I finally have my hands on one - or one on my arm, at least - thanks to the lovely folk at Joshua James (which is, on a slightly related note, where I always used to help my dad shop for my mum's Christmas presents when I was a young 'un).  

jewellery shopping

I took a picture of the bag so you can see how sophisticated and grown up the packaging is, and then realised I could have made loads of really clever and funny 'Pandora's box' jokes if I'd snapped the box instead. But I didn't, so now I don't have to think of any - hurrah! It did come in a really nice little box inside the bag though - like I said, sophisticated and grown up! (No wonder I never had one before!)

pandora tea charm

Anyway, as well as the lovely bracelet, I was allowed to pick my very first charm for it - how perfect is this super cute little tea cup? Not only is it a lovely tribute to the number one love in my life (sorry kids, sorry boyfriend!) but a beautiful reminder of all the brilliant opportunities that have come my way through this little blog. What a lucky sausage I am!

tea cup jewellery
I think that's the really lovely thing about these charm bracelets - every new addition mean something new: a reminder of a special time or person, a tribute to a favourite hobby or pastime, or just something really pretty. I love how they all come together to tell a story about the person wearing it. So far mine is only a short story but I'm sure there will be a lot more to add in the future!
Do you have one of these lovely things? What's your favourite charm and what does it mean to you?

* I'm honestly dead grateful for all the lovely presents I get from folks or anyone, I'm just being awkward!


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