27 July 2015


 I do like any excuse to bake, and I really like any excuse to eat lots of cake, so when I was challenged to the #RSPieceofCAke off I didn't take much convincing to accept the challenge! The idea behind the project is a work-place bake sale to raise funds for the RSPCA.
RSPCA bake sale

I was up against a couple of other bloggers (say hi to Rebecca and Amanda!) in the cake off, and since I have a teeny tiny office with only a handful of folk in on a regular basis, it soon became apparent that I wasn't going to come out on top in terms of funds raised. So I decided to go for the 'most ridiculously over the top ratio of cakes baked to people in the office who might feasibly buy said cakes' (this, believe it or not, isn't actually a real thing but I gotta take my glory where I can get it!) and made more or less one full cake per person... oops!

RSPCA fundraising

It was so hard to know where to stop though! I took a number of requests, which had already committed me to making gooey brownies and 'that raspberry thing' that I'd taken scraps of in the week before after making it for my daughters school leaving party, as well as all-time favourites like flapjack and crispy buns.

bake sale ideas

These were rounded off with a sweet zesty lime cake, coconut and cherry cupcakes and a lovely cappuccino loaf. Just to reiterate, my office had five people in full time last week. One of whom was on a diet. What was I thinking?

raspberry white chocolate cake

Thankfully we did have a small pool of engineers popping in and out too that were easily convinced into a slice of two. One of the young chaps picked up a brownie everytime he walked past, and a couple of dedicated cake eaters took bits home for family members too. I even managed to convince Steve to take a break from his diet to indulge in a little piece of something fruity (raspberries are good for you!)

easy tray bakes
Despite a week of essentially bullying my coworkers, I (unsurprisingly!) still ended up with a fair bit to take home with me! Never fear though, no cake gets wasted round these parts!

bake sale cake

I did have a couple of baking disasters too - my 'gooey' brownies were so gooey in the middle that they were pretty much impossible to slice, and the cherry coconut cupcakes didn't rise at all (in fact that's quite generous - it'd be fairer to say they sank) but I figured it'd be nothing I couldn't disguise with buttercream and they tasted ok! (BTW notice how half are iced and the other half buttercreamed? There are people in my office who don't like buttercream, can you imagine that?!)

pretty cupcakes for bakeale
All in all though, despite these blips, w managed to raise £48 for the RSPCA (I ended up with £47.96 in my box and have no idea how as everything was priced in multiples of ten? It's like the one time I checked my credit card bill to find I'd spent £6.70 in Poundland - how?!) which, according to the RSPCA website, is enough to equip an inspectors van with an animal first aid kit and pet carrier.
If you want to get on board with helping out the cute little critters the RSPCA looks after yourself, there's loads of fundraising ideas on their website, or if you want to help in a more passive fashion you can donate online too! And if you want a cakey reward for your donation you can always send me your address and I'm sure I could manage something ;)
Cake for all!

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