6 July 2015

Ever had a really bad idea...?

Today I did something most unusual (for me anyway). Instead of utilising any spare time in the best way possible (drinking tea and scouring Buzzfeed), I strapped on my trainers, went outside, and ran. I rad badly. I ran slowly and awkwardly and painfully. But I ran!
 What is the reason for this bizarre shift in activities, I hear you ask? I've somehow found myself agreeing to take part in a 5k run - and I know that if my current attempts at running are completely embarrassing then those same attempts in front of loads of people - fit, running-type people - would be so much worse!
Thankfully I've got plenty of time to get some practise in. I don't ever expect to be good at running, I'm certainly not a natural, but if I can pull off not standing out like a sore thumb amongst others I'll be pretty impressed with myself!
And to be fair, as far as runs go, this one does sound pretty fun! I've committed myself to Run or Dye, which not only has a great name but has a very colourful take on the traditional fun run (and I mean that literally - as the idea is that you are pelted with brightly coloured dye as you complete the course!)

There are some gorgeous venues for the upcoming runs too - Yorkshire's next one is at the gorgeous Castle Howard, for example. But it's October's event in Chatsworth I have my eye on - Chatsworth House has been on my to-visit list for a while now and this gives me the perfect excuse (though I'm not sure how they'd feel about me turning up for afternoon tea covered in pink dye!).

October also gives me plenty of time to get moving a bit quicker, but if something stops me (like not being able to walk tomorrow after todays exertion) I'm safe in the assurance that Run or Dye is happy to accommodate walkers! On the other hand, kids are 6 and under can join in for free so I might get the little lady - who is must faster even on her little legs than I will ever be - to join me for a bit of extra motivation/competition... no one likes getting messier than that girl!

Entry for those of us over 6 is £27.50 but (if anyone else is feeing masochistic) you can save £3 off the entrance fee with the code KISDISCOUNT, and you can see all the upcoming events and sign up here!

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