18 August 2015

Lucky Dip Club - Under The Sea Box

I do love getting cute deliveries, and the monthly Lucky Dip Club boxes are one of my favourites! A sweet little post box sized package of adorable goodies based around a different theme each month. The latest to arrive was a mermaid-friendly Under The Sea box!
Mermaid subscription box

This is only my third box from the Lucky Dip Club, but I have to say it's my favourite yet! Firstly I got this super cute little seahorse brooch, and in such a perfect colour too! I am very keen on this little fella!

lucky dip mermaid box brooch
I firmly believe you can never have enough pretty notebooks and this is definitely a pretty notebook! It does say its a place for happy thoughts so I'll have to save this for my most cheerful and mermaid notes!

pretty stationary mermaid

The last few months worth of boxes have come with a 'charm of the month' charm, that by the end of the series should leave each subscriber with the makings of a lovely charm bracelet. I missed the first couple but I'm well on my way now, and this pretty sea shell will make a nice addition!

lucky dip charm of the month club

It's a pretty jewellery heavy box but that suits me perfectly, and my favourite of the wearable accessories is this stunner of a shell necklace! The accompanying paperwork points to a Rainbow Brite influence here which might be why I'm so chuffed with it, Rainbow Brite was my favourite as a young 'un!

initial mermaid necklace
The most exciting thing in the box though was the amigurumi jellyfish craft kit! Now, I'm far from an expert but I think amigurumi is basically crocheting a bunch of bits and sewing them all together to make a thing. So I'm going to attempt to make a jellyfish! Jellies are my favourite weird sea oddity, I love them and can't wait to try getting this together, though crochet was never my strong point so goodness knows how it'll look when I get through with it!
crochet jellyfish craft kit

To get your paws on one of these, you have to get an alarm set! Shopping opens at seven am on the first of the month and they tend to go pretty quickly! But once you get a subscription in place it'll roll 'til cancelled so you don't have to get up early every month - and it's definitely worth doing once! You can keep an eye on the countdown here!

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