28 August 2015

Pizza and Pool at Slate NQ, Leeds

I'm definitely getting old and set in my ways - it takes a lot to get me out of my house and Leeds after work these days. But the promise of fresh stone-baked pizza, exquisite cocktails and a couple of games of pool is certainly enough to get me to take the trip!
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Earlier this week, my lovely sister-in-law and I hauled ourselves to the big bad city to finally check out Slate NQ - a pizza 'n' pool place I've heard plenty about since it's recent opening! The new place was brought to the people of Leeds by the same clever folk responsible for the now familiar Roxy Ballroom and Roxy Lanes, and has the same 'eat, drink, play' manifesto in a slightly more grown-up setting.

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pizza and cocktail bar

When I say 'more grown up' though, I in no way mean less cool. It's a little less loud and colourful, but the familiar markers are all there. SlateNQ is mature in the way George Clooney is mature, and that much smarter, smoother and sexier for it!

food and cockails at slate nq bar

But we weren't there just to marvel at the wall art, no siree! We were there for pizza! With food firmly at the forefront of our minds, we navigated our way to a table (the one closest to the little kitchen, so we could get giddy with excitement seeing out prepared pizzas heading into the oven, and by as near to them as possible when they came out)!

pizza at slatenq

I was torn between a few menu choices - the blue cheese and parma ham sounded particularly intriguing - but it the end it was the BBQ Pulled Pork that most tickled my fancy. 'Twas delicious too - generously topped with a good balance of flavours..... like y'know how stuff with too much BBQ sauce can be a bit sort of sickly-sweet? This wasn't. Which was really handy, because the pizza was huuuuge! I was sat there beforehand thinking 'mmm, will that be enough? Do I need sides too?' I definitely didn't need to worry - I did get it finished off but it was a challenge!

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My dining companion, who is much braver than me, opted for the Spicy Pork Sausage. The menu does warn that it's very hot, and they aren't kidding! I pinched a slice (well, swapped one in the name of research!) and while it was very tasty I definitely couldn't have eaten a full one that hot! Thankfully Tasha is tougher than I am and she managed just fine!

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Thankfully, we did get to cool down a little with a couple of the house signature cocktails! I followed a recommendation of the Elderberry Martini as I was having trouble deciding between a number of yummy sounding options. Mine's the little pinky one and is described as 'a flutter of elderflower and summer fruit, combining St Germain, Chambord, apple, lemon juice, mango syrup and fresh raspberries'. This was so lovely that it took all my restraint to make it last through the course of my meal - way too drinkable to be safe, this one!

Pear and ginger collins cool cocktails

Tasha's drink was the Pear and Ginger Collins, another beauty - those pear flavours reminding me of childhood sweeties, but much more sophisticated than a paper bag full of pear drops!

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Once we had all the important stuff taken care of (that's the food, the important stuff is always food!), it was time to try out hand at some pool! Slate NQ have four 7ft pool tables downstairs, and an additional 3 9ft monsters upstairs. It's £6 for half an hour at peak times, £4.50 per half hour at all over times - but could beginners like us complete a game in half an hour?

pool and pizza night

This was Tasha's first ever game of pool, and she had a pretty poor teacher (that's me!) so needless to say this wasn't the slickest game of pool ever played. But we both had lots of fun, and both managed to actually hit some things in mostly the way we meant to, so go us! Woo!
One of the highest praises I can give a place is to say that it was worth going to Leeds for, and SlateNQ was definitely worth going to Leeds for! It might even be worth going back to Leeds for, I need to try out the rest of that cocktail menu!
* Big thanks to Slate NQ for feeding, watering and entertaining us!

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