12 August 2015

The Mill Race Teashop, Aysgarth, North Yorkshire

At the weekend I was recruited to drive my son to Aysgarth in North Yorkshire for one of his hobbies, and the best thing about finding yourself in one of the gorgeous little village in North Yorkshire is finding the best little tea shops to stop off at!
Mill Race Tearoom
I hadn't intended on doing too much research, expecting instead to just turn up and see what looked nice. But on having a read around to make sure I was heading to the right place I stumbled across a couple of strong recommendations for the Mill Race Teashop, so I put this at the top of my list!
Mill Race Teashop Aysgarth
It was really easy to find - we walked straight past it on the way from the carpark to the famous waterfalls (the reason for out visit!), and we had no trouble finding a table even on a Saturday lunchtime. I can only assume the other visitors to the area were taking advantage of the warm weather and picnicking by the river instead!
aysgarth tea room mill race

There were some great menu options that made my decision pretty difficult. I was particularly interested in the 'Mill Race Platter' - a cup of hot soup served with homemade bread, warm sausage roll and slice of cheese on toast with apple salad and chutney - and the 'Cheese Lovers Afternoon Tea' - cheese scone, slice of tealoaf and gingerbread served with a wedge of Wensleydale and a pot of tea.

afternoon tea aysgath
At the end of the day though, it had to be the Traditional Afternoon Tea - a sandwich of choice, fresh scone with jam and cream and a pot of tea for the bargain price of £6.95!

tea shop aysgarth

That's any pot of tea from the menu to, with plenty to choose from - traditional Yorkshire tea to fancy herbal stuff! I opted for a loose leaf black tea with rose petals, mmmm! I think serving the tea with lemon slices as well as the usual bits was a nice touch too!

wensleydale sandwich
Sandwich wise it just had to be a good old Wensleydale cheese - we were definitely in the right neck of the woods for it and this delicious Yorkshire cheese, my favourite, doesn't disappoint! The bread was soft and the sandwiches well filled - I love cheese!

fresh scones yorkshire
Of course, it was the jam and cream scone that was the main reason for ordering! The scone was pretty huge soon - served warm too which is always appreciated, and with tonnes of jam and cream (whipped rather than clotted but I'm a forgiving soul!)

yummy scones

I'd been eyeing up the lovely looking cakes but after my huge scone I just didn't thing I could handle one (I must be getting soft!) Thankfully my little companion had no such misgivings, and was very confident he could polish off this fab looking marshmallow topped chocolate cake. I didn't get to share but did receive assurances that it was awesome!

best cake tea room yorkshire

Unfortunately I didn't actually take as many photos of the beautiful waterfalls as I should have done (battery issues!) but it really is a gorgeous area so will have to go back fully camera-d up soon!

upper falls aysgarth
And I know where I'll be stopping for cake when I do!

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