21 September 2015

Degustabox August 2015

I've had so little time to post recently that it's not far off time for the new Degustabox deliveries before I've even shown you what was in the last one! August's was a great box for me, mainly due to large amount of biscuits included - but we'll get to those!
Contents of food subscription box

Dr Oetker Mug Cakes - how good an idea are these? You know when you are at home and you need cake and it's too cold/late or you are too lazy to go to the shop, and baking one would take too long because you really need cake NOW,.... just add milk and a mug and a microwave and you have cake in less than two minutes!

cake mix packets

Don't get me wrong, microwave cake will never be as good as proper home baked cake, but when needs must you could do a lot worse! My favourite trick is to chuck a handful of those mini-marshmallows on top as soon as it comes out of the microwave, so they get all gooey and melty and delicious!
microwave cakes marshmallows
Coconut water does pop up in these boxes quite a bit in various forms and I'll admit I usually just chuck them in the fridge and forget about them. My first experiences with the stuff weren't the most positive and it didn't take much to convince myself I wasn't keen - but the life-affirming packaging and orange flavour tempted me in the end and I decided to give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised! The addition of the fresh orange made this much more palatable, but without losing any of the health benefits - win!
I've had the Scheckter's Organic Energy drink before and I'm a big fan! It's an energy drink but without that feeling that you are rotting away from the inside...

scheckters organic energy drink

The Ryvita crispbread are a great snack to have hanging round the office when hunger hits! The cracked black pepper is my favourite. I know there's about a million different ways of topping these but I'm boring and petty much just stick to one of a variety of different cheeses!

snacks breads

This is what I was talking about - look at all that biscuit goodness! The Choco Leibniz white chocolate covered biscuits were amazing - a thick and creamy coating over a cocoa biscuit, these did not last very long! The Pick Up! bars lasted longer due to the dark chocolate filling, clearly not as popular in our office as the white chocolate, but I'd definitely pick these up (see what I did there?) in a different variety!

walkers tartan biscuit packets

The Walkers biscuits were not for sharing though! With only two in a packet, there was definitely not enough of these to go round so I figured it was only fair if I ate all these myself! Walkers are universally amazing but special mention here goes to the Fruit and Lemon ones - I need to hunt down a jumbo packet of these!
degustabox cookies
Pasta and sauce are two of my top cupboard staples, because they add up to the simplest meals for when you are busy! I made this when we had my nephew round as having such an 'easy tea' means I don't have to spend time away from other activities and it always goes down a treat with the kids! The chilli in this was just a little too much for my wimpy daughter but the rest of us loved it!

arrabbiata sauce jar
A new thing in these boxes is the addition of 'DB's Discoveries' - the inclusion of products from small and lesser-known brands that the chaps at Degustabox think deserve a little more recognition. My DB Discovery items this time round come in the form of these raw paleo bars from The Primal Pantry. I'm not following any particular diet, raw or paleo or otherwise, but I am trying to make a concerted effort to try to eat a little healthier and these tasty snack bars fit into that brilliantly. For someone that is on a stricter diet, I imagine these goodies would be absolute lifesavers!

raw paleo snack bars

You can sign up to your own Degustabox Subscription here, and receive a big box of tasty treats delivered straight to your door for £12.99 (including delivery!) per month - and you can even save yourself £3 off your first box by entering the code AMQWL!

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