17 September 2015

#HBAlPorto Event in Hull

It's been a couple of weeks now since I jumped in a van with Mr A Blokes Eye View and Mrs Married to a Geek for the Hull #HBAlPorto event, and it feels like even longer - but such a grand day was had by all I thought I better share it!
A Bloggers event in Hull
The event was organised by Alex, Jenny and Kat, and it was really obvious what an incredible amount of work they'd put in to make the event special! The venue was Al Porto, a lovely Italian restaurant situated right on the Marina in Hull. I'll admit to being naively surprised that Hull was this lovely looking!  
bloggers get togehter
I'm afraid the three of us made a terrible food-based mistake on the day - thinking the canap├ęs we knew we were getting wouldn't be circulated 'til later in the day, we all stopped off for a sandwich on the way. Never before have I regretted eating like I did on that day! Don't get me wrong, it was a nice sandwich and all, but didn't look a patch on the glorious little nibbles provided by our host venue. Despite being pretty full I still managed to try a couple - it would have been rude not to! - and though I sadly failed to take any pictures at all of the food, believe me when I say everything looked and tasted marvellous! I just wish I could have eaten and appreciated more! I did, however, thankfully manage to try a few of the cocktails instead - this delicious Bellini went down almost too well....

Al Porto Hull Cocktails

If we hadn't already guessed that Lush would be in attendance, it was pretty obvious as soon as we hit the right floor in the building - that aroma is pretty distinctive! I love how eager Lush are to be involved with events like this, and I happily spent much of my day camped out within arms reach of their stall where I was eager to check out some of the newer products I hadn't had chance to see previously!

space bath
The Intergalactic bath bomb (above) had such a compelling sales pitch that I couldn't not take one home with me - but I'll save that story for the upcoming review post!

weird shaped bath bombs

There were plenty of other tempting products too - I've been crossing my fingers that these former Oxford St exclusives would find their way up north! The Comforter shower cream is definitely on a future to-buy list, as are pretty much all the new bath products!

lush stand at blogger event

The lovely Lush ladies were also offering out hand massages featuring a couple of their lovely new products too, as demonstrated below by Simone. I had one with the incredible smelling Salted Coconut hand scrub, topped of with some Love and Light hand cream and it felt like I had brand new hands afterwards!

lush blogger event hull

The good 'uns that they are, they'd also put together a little goodie bag for each of us! Mine had a Granny Takes a Dip Bubble Bar, a generous blob of green Fun (my daughter's favourite!) and a sample of one of their fresh face masks that I tragically forgot to put into the fridge for a week and a half, oops! Included here are my purchases of the Intergalactic bath bomb and Kinky, a treatment for curly hair - keep your eyes peeled for more on them very soon! I wanted to buy more but had been given very strong hints that we'd have enough to carry home already, as you'll see!

Hull event lush products

Next stop was to say hello to the chap from Viridian - I'd not heard of this company before but they specialise in ethical, organic vitamins and supplements. We bravely tried a couple of samples on the spot, including a surprisingly non-disgusting fish oil - and again, were given our own goodie bags of things to try at home. I'm really looking forward to trying these as I'll be the first to admit that my diet isn't naturally the most vitamin-filled!

vitamins health products

A representative from Weleda had come along too to talk us through the products and once again generously provide a few samples. I've tried a couple of the Weleda prodcuts before through beauty boxes and the like and have always been thoroughly impressed. Their Arnica Bath Soak is definitely going on my shopping list for when I've emptied out my bath cupboard a bit!

weleda table sale

Our super organisers had also put together an incredible range of prizes for a raffle hosted by the hilarious Lewis-Duncan Weedon. Between us all we raised £227 for The Eve Appeal, though I think this was in large part due to a widespread desperation to win some of the marvellous jewellery donated by Joshua James!

Unfortunately none of the bling came my way, but I certainly can't complain as I came away with some great prizes nonetheless! I know Carl was particularly jealous of my Newman's Own Cooking Sauces, how good do these look?

raffle prize aporto

I also came home with this handsome package of Marine Collagen from Vida Glow. It's blueberry flavoured collagen supplement that is supposed to do wonders for your skin - between this and the Viridian stuff I should be glowing with health!

drinkable collegen

On top of that, I also won this skincare trio from La Roche-Posay - I know people have absolutely raved about this line and they'll make a very welcome addition to my skincare routine!

French toner

Between my raffle wins and the lovely goodies provided by the brands that had come to see us on the day, you'd think I'd done very well for myself in terms of bringing things home - but this is just a drop in the ocean compared to the huge filled goodie bags (yes, bags, plural!) that the girls had organised for us all! We were so well treated that I think I need a whole separate post to show you it all - that'll be coming soon! 

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