14 September 2015

World Curry Festival 2015

Bradford is a city full of exciting events and awesome cultural happenings. (Shush, I don't care that you don't believe me, it's true!) This weekend marked one of my favourites events in the Bradfordian calendar - the return of the annual World Curry Festival!
Events in Bradford

Even those that don't share my enthusiasm for this great city must surely agree that if there's one thing we have a long-standing positive reputation for, it's the quality of the curry!
This year saw a couple of changes to the festival: one of date - this was originally scheduled to be happening in June before being shuffled back to September, and one of location - the even has moved from it's usual city-centre spot to the lush grounds of the lovely Lister Park.

cartwright hll event

Though I did initially think it a shame to move it away from the easily-accessible centre, Lister Park (and the free-to-enter at gallery Cartwright Hall in the middle of it) is well worth a visit anyway so if you can combine the two, that's no bad thing!

cooking chicken tikka

This year we actually made two visits to the festival - a quick one on Saturday morning where the rain and later appointments meant we just had time to have a quick run round and grab a chicken tikka wrap (this one from Zouk's, as I'd so enjoyed their one the previous year. I know I should have moved some of the salad in the picture to give you a better view of the spicy chicken goodness but it was raining and I had my hands full....!) and return on Sunday afternoon as the sun had come out!

chicken salad street food

With the sun out, the place was in full swing so we headed straight over to the Crabbies bus to help get us in the party spirit!

Bradford Curry Fest drinks
It's hard to beat a cold ginger beer on a sunny day, and it makes a great curry accompaniment too!  I ended up taking a couple of these lovely bottles home with me as well - the idea was to keep them in the fridge for when the mood strikes but I ended up drinking them both later that day, oops! They also had some very tempting looking ginger wine in stock - maybe next time!

Other drinks for the day were provided by festival sponsor CocaCola, who were there to make sure everyone was doing their bit when it comes to recycling. They were also offering the opportunity to take part in a taste-test and for the other half, correctly identifying the different kinds of coke was up there with his proudest achievements.

bradford curry fest coke

I've been meaning to try My Thai for a while now, having driven past their Bradford home countless time and hearing great things about their newer venture in Leeds. The curry festival provided a great opportunity to finally chuck myself in and order the Pad Gra Paw (if I remember correctly!) This was delicious and completely different from anything else we tried at the festival - definitely enough to make sure I hit the restaurant properly sometime very soon!

Pad Gra Paw Thai food

Despite the scrumptious thai offerings above, we hadn't quite had out fill of chicken tikka. To make the most of having so many different restaurant offerings available, the Mr and I decided to split up. I headed to Hasan's (not realizing it was a Leeds restaurant but nevermind) for a very satisfying chicken tikka on naan,....

Hasans Leeds at Bradford Curry Festival

And he went the way of Zaara's for a chicken tikka wrap. I admit the percentage of food we ate that we chicken tikka in some sort of bread wasn't necessarily the most exciting, nor indicative of the wide array of curries of the world available on the day. It was just really really good!

bradford curry festival best food


I'd have been tempted by more but thankfully the free sweet samples from Zoya helped draw that line between 'savoury' and 'sweet' and let my body know I was done with curry for now! I tried one of the little coconutty pink things though reckon I could have eaten my way through a lot more given the opportunity!

Zoya sweet tasting bradford curry estival

And speaking of sweet things, I was of course thrilled to find this gorgeous little sanctuary of tea and cake nestled among the more exotic stalls. This was particularly welcome on my rainy Saturday visit when the chance to sit down undercover with a hot brew and homemade cake was vital! This yummy looking lot was brought by local church St Pauls.

St PAuls Church at Curry Festival
I sadly missed all of the cooking demonstrations that were going on throughout the weekend but there were plenty of them for those interested. I was all about eating as much as I could with my short time at the World Curry Festival and I think I managed that very well though, so a very successful visit from me! Looking forward to next years!

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