18 October 2015

Afternoon Tea at the Bradford Hotel

The ongoing search for Afternoon Tea has given me a great excuse to spend as much time exploring this wonderful county of Yorkshire as possible, but sometimes .. sometimes you don't want to go searching out Afternoon Tea, sometimes you want to pop somewhere nearby to gorge yourself on tea and cake, so you can head straight home for a post-treat nap. Not just me, surely?

Anyway, with such lazy-afternoon thoughts in my head, I pointed my way in the direction of The Bradford Hotel to check out their tea offerings. I've not set foot inside this place since it's  Hilton days - I used to go down all starry-eyed for their semi-regular Bradford Bulls events when I was a youngster. I probably wouldn't have even thought of it as a place for afternoon tea had I not spotted it on Groupon, but once I knew it was an option it made sense to head on down at the next opportunity!

It seems like we weren't alone in not thinking of The Bradford Hotel or mid-afternoon treats - despite visiting on a Saturday afternoon, we were alone in the restaurant. It's not a bad-looking set up at all, and the charming gent serving us was a real gem, so its a shame the atmosphere was lacking a little (though the decision to have the TV on in the background did strike me as a little odd in terms of creating ambience!)

But let's not worry about that too much, on to the tea! The sandwich section was fairly steady away in terms of fillings (cheese & pickle, ham, egg mayonnaise and tuna mayonnaise), but they were plentiful - two of each filling apiece for the pair of us was much more generous than I'm used to! These were fine, but lets face it - the sandwiches are always the least interesting part of an afternoon tea!

No, the cake layer is much more interesting! We were presented with a mini Victorian sponge, cream-filled chocolate cake, and a delightfully moist and flavoursome carrot cake. Though there was nothing particularly ground-breaking in terms of inspiration here, each of the cakes were just really really well done (which is much more important!)

The ├ęclair was my favourite - SO MUCH CREAM! - and the carrot cake won over the Mr who had previously declared that carrot cake was 'just wrong'. Fortunately he didn't actually realise what he  was eating until he announced it to be delicious, and had no choice but to admit how wrong he'd been!
Sadly, the good news couldn't continue with the scones that were just painfully dry. I know I'm a bit of  a scone fusspot, but the generally more forging mr agreed - these were quite difficult to eat, even with lashings of jam and cream, and washed down with gallons of (or at least a cup of) tea. It's a real shame, but edible scones is definitely a deal-breaker for me!
Overall, this was an afternoon tea with good points and bad points.... honestly, if I were to recommend a Bradford city centre afternoon tea to anyone, I'd suggest the one at the Great Victoria instead. But that cake plate was good enough for me to not write this place off altogether, and I'd definitely consider a re-visit in the future!

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