24 October 2015

Degustabox September 2015

 I know I say this every month, but this latest Degustabox delivery is a doozy!

My favourite things in these boxes are usually the sweet treats, and this one was no exception. I was very giddy to come across the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, these things are magical! I'd generally champion British chocolate over American any day of the week, but that all changes when peanut butter is involved - its an area sadly lacking in our nations output (ooh unless you count the peanut butter chunky kit-kats which are, frankly, marvellous!), but it's always lovely to come across!

The raspberry marshmallows from Mallow and Marsh were the first things to be polished off from the box. I LOVE marshmallows and these were really delicious, denser that the supermarket variety but still light and fluffy. One of the guys at work loved his taster so much that he ordered a whole bunch more!

With chewy sweets, it's always the black ones that are the best - with the red ones not too far behind (though I reckon special mention goes to the greens, but that's beside the point!) so these packets of Maynards Wine Gums and Bassetts Jelly Babies are brilliant!

It's nice to be able to completely avoid the rubbish orange ones!

Olive Oil is a great kitchen staple and I've already got a couple of uses about of this bottle from The Olive Shop, one of this months 'Degustabox Discoveries', and I'm sure I'll get many many more before the bottle is done with!

I'm not historically a cider drinker, but then the best things about these boxes are that they give you the chance to try things you wouldn't usually go for. So in the spirit of adventure, I opened up the pear one last night can confirm that this is indeed, good cider!
The Kents Kitchen Posh Noodles were my lunch yesterday - at only 242 calories a pot, and super easy to make, these make a very handy office meal. The flavour was a little lacking for me - if something says spicy on it I want it to be spicy - but they were grand quality, none of that horrible powdery taste or anything!

While I don't think there's a real substitute for a 'proper' breakfast (one you eat rather than drink!), sometimes these things just aren't practical and it's nice to have a convenient back up! These 'Up and Go' breakfast drinks are actually pretty nice, as well as being filled with protein, fibre and wholegrain oats so definitely make a decent alternative!

I'm pretty tired,... like all the time. Anything that can give me more energy sounds brilliant! The Complete Energy Bites are supposed to increase endurance, alertness and energy. I'm supposed to be in training this month (more on that later!) so these could hopefully give me a bit of a much needed boost!
You know I love tea. I do generally like my tea hot, but as I said earlier, it's nice to get these boxes to try new things! The Sweet Sally American Southern Tea was definitely intriguing. I adore the lovely label, and the tea was interesting - there was something about it that reminded me of apple pie? - but it's not something Id buy a lot. I guess I just like my tea more 'English' than 'American!

A Degustabox subscription will set you back £12.99 a month, a heck of a bargain since the value of the products inside is always more than this, and some of them would be tricky to track down! for an extra good bargain, you can enter the code BLDEG15 to save a whopping £6 off your first box - there's really no reason not to!

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