21 October 2015

Making ASPACE your own

It's always around this time of year that my mind turns to decorating the house. I think it's because the worsening weather means my usual preferred weekend adventures become a little more... well, cold and damp. Not only does that give me more time in the house to actually get stuff done, but spending more time in the house makes me realise how much there is to do!

Take my son's room, for example. The boy is just shy of 10, and it was only this morning I realised he still has Mickey Mouse on his wall. That means the picture, something that is relatively easy to remove and replace, is out of fashion by a good five years or so. As you can imagine, we have trouble fitting a lot of his big clothes into his baby drawers! Yup, much as I'd love a nice fresh room myself, I think the big lad with the little boy's room definitely gets first priority!

I set the young chap a challenge to design his ideal room, so I had some ideas of what to work from, and this is what he came up with:

It's surprisingly a lot more realistic than I'd feared - some of the ideas he came up with while describing what he wanted really had me worried! I don't know if his imagination was tamed by his artistic ability, or if he figured that if he didn't go too crazy he might have more chance of getting it how he wanted!

Unfortunately I think creating this room exactly as it is here - lack of space in the tiny room is a bigger problem than some of the actual ideas themselves! I have, however, been browsing the accessories from ASPACE to find a few bits and pieces that can help update his room without me having to completey move house!

They have some GREAT things, but my absolute favourite were the Marvel Superhero art deco style wall canvas pictures*. There's a whole range of them and it would be awesome to have the full set but we started at the beginning with the First Avenger, Captain America. These are so handsome that I'd definitely have them on my own walls if I could get away with it, but they'll look great on my son's wall. They're pretty big (as you can see, roughy vampire-sized!) so one will definitely make a big impact on the look of the walls!

We will get working on swapping out the baby furniture soon, but for now at least we can ditch Mickey Mouse! 

* Item sent free of charge.

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