15 November 2015

Booths Great Northern Christmas

Well, it's official - Christmas is on the way! I know its still a little while 'til the big day itself but we all know the important bits of Christmas (this films and the food) start well in advance of that or we'd never fit them all in!
To get me in the festive mood, as well as giving me some tip-top ideas for what to feed and seasonal dropper-inners, I bobbed along to Booths Supermarket in Ilkley to check out some of their yummy Christmas goodies!

All supermarkets like to push the boat out at this time of year, but Booths have a bigger boat than many and their Christmas offerings are top notch.

Usually my dad is responsible for Christmas Dinner for the whole family, making Boxing Day my job. This works out well for me, because no one wants a big full meal on boxing day, and because I'm not a great cook. So party food nibbles are perfect. The bacon-wrapped stuffing balls above were out of this world tasty, and there were some gorgeous venison sausages floating around too that I need to serve up!

Any of the cheesy parcels or Indian-inspired nibbles from the chilled party food ranges would also go down a storm and as a bonus a lot of the things I have my eye on are on a 3 for 2 offer!  These are all definitely a cut above my usual Iceland spread! 

The Wensleydale Creamery make my favourite cheeses. I've been obsessed with them since we visited the creamery a couple of years ago. Even the kids recognised their logo, though they were less willing to try some of the stronger cheeses on display!

Though the young ones were happy to get on board with the cheese-on-Christmas-cake thing that I know confuses a lot of people. Seriously, If you've never tried this winning combo make sure you do this year!

And speaking of cake, there were of course loads of cakey goodies to tempt us too! My dad loves a good Panettone at Christmas time so I better add one of these to my shopping list too...

... whereas the kiddos were obviously more taken with this cutie snowman cake!

I on the other hand prefer these little teeny cakes - It's not that I don't like a large volume of cake, you know I do - but with the teeny ones you get to try lots of different kinds of cake - woo!

As well as nibbles and cakes, it wouldn't be Christmas without beer and Booths had some great local breweries at the event too! 

I was already pretty familiar with the Ilkley Brewery - their Mary Jane is my brothers favourite tipple so I'll be sure to be getting some of that in for the 26th, and I might supplement it with a couple of beers from the Wold Top Brewery too. In fact, Booths has a pretty amazing beer selection (I of course investigated after the event!) but there are few things that are done better than they are in Yorkshire so I'm happy to stay local this Crimbo!

I love Booths - I love their focus on great quality products and local suppliers - but it's a wee trek from my house it's not always the most convenient for shopping. But it is the time of year for miracles! You can get your shopping delivered for Christmas this year so no one needs miss out all the scrummy goodies!
Responsible for feeding people (if only yourself) over the Christmas period? I recommend checking Booths for something a bit special!

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