23 November 2015

Degustabox October 2015

I'm running so late on the latest Degustabox write up, but I finally got hold of a new camera so I can share the goodies they sent out in the October Box. It's been really painful having it sat in the office for weeks knowing I couldn't eat anything 'til it was all photographed!

The Food Thoughts Cocoa Powder looks perfect for baking and it won't be long now before we have to get started on the Christmas Cookies and other goodies for the festive season so I can see this getting used an awful lot in the coming weeks!

I was a little wary when I saw the Lorina coconut-lime drink, as I have a fridge full of coconut water I've amassed from various places that I'm not likely to drink as I'm just not that keen... This isn't coconut water though, but a delicious sparkling coconut and lime flavoured soda. This was lovely and I'll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for their other flavours too!

I'm a bit fussy with fruit and pretty much only like mine fresh - but healthy fruity snacks for the kids are always good discoveries and my little ones were big fans of these freeze dried apricots from The Snack Organisation.

Though I was a lot less willing to share these sweet chilli rice crackers from the same brand! These were so addictive, it didn't take us long at all to finish off the packet - it's a good job they're low in fat!

I wasn't a big fan of the fruity 9 bars that I'd received in a previous Degustabox, but still bravely decided to give this variety a go. I don't know if it's because I knew what to expect a little more, or because the carob coating allowed me to pretend I was eating chocolate, but these really weren't bad at all!

Cirio aren't new to Degustabox but are always welcome - I'll never get bored of pasta in a tomato-y sauce, even thought it's pretty much all I ate for like three years when I was a poor, unimaginative vegetarian student!

Office-based snacking is essentially how I get through my day at work, and the Degustaboxes are great for giving me new things to snack on so I'm not just racing through bag after bag of Haribo. This last few days my office based snacking has mainly featured these tasty nutty treats from Liberation - the chilli and lime cashews and peanuts with roasted corn have been a particular success around my workplace!

I know how appreciated Gluten Free products are by people with gluten intolerances so have passed this onto a friend who will get more out of it than myself. It's a little wasted on my anyway as I'm not really a big fan of oatmeal, but glad that its gone to a good home!

I've seen the Kabuto noodles in the supermarket and have been intrigued by their yummy sounding flavours and ultra cute packaging but have been a little unsure about giving them a go as the amount of times I've had one of these 'just-add-water' meals that have been any good is a very small number indeed. This is the best thing of it's kind I've tried, by quite some distance, and I'd certainly consider trying some of the other flavours too - it tasted surprisingly fresh for what it was!

My other half is a self-proclaimed crisp expert, so I took these home for his more knowledgeable opinion. These are really weird, they're like a eight inch long rectangular flat crisp. I'm not entirely sold but Mr Crisp Expert gives them the thumbs up!

Lastly, I found a voucher for some President French Butter. I've not actually redeemed this as yet as they don't have this particular brand in my local supermarket (it's only a small one!) but hopefully I'll get to pick it up at one of the larger stores soon. I love real butter, but rarely buy it - it feels like such a cheeky indulgence - so I'll certainly enjoy the excuse to pick up this little treat!

If you'd like yourself a monthly delivery of ace new foodie treats (and who wouldn't!) you can sign up to the Degustabox subscription service here, and you can get a whopping £6 off your first box by entering the code BLDEG15 at the checkout! And it's not an exciting enough prospect as it is, the next box is to be festively themed - and we all know food is better at Christmas!

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