18 November 2015

Fentiman's and Bloom - Gin for Beginners!

I'm never going to be a 'big' blogger. Heck, I'm never going to be a medium-sized blogger.... or even one of those small-but-well-known-and-loved-in-the-right-circles sort of bloggers. There could me many reasons for this (a lack of any actual talent, my generally slipshod approach to blogging and social media, the fact I'm just not that interesting.....) but I choose to blame my relative obscurity on my ambivalence to gin.

I like beer. I like rum. I mainly like tea. But it seems for a while now gin has been the tipple of choice for bloggers across the country.

I'm all about education, so when I saw these cute Fentimans & Bloom bottles I figured I should take the opportunity to increase my experience with this mythical beverage, safe in the knowledge that the Fentimans soft drinks taste as good as they look (which is pretty darn good!), and that Bloom is a gin brand I've heard of, implying they are pretty good at what they do!

Since I've already fully disclaimed my lack of gin knowledge, I wont pretend to give an informed review of these - instead I'll just people that didn't already know about them that they are available (from Sainsburys, I hear - though I actually picked these two up from the Fenwicks food hall in Newcastle), and say that this gin-novice very much enjoyed them, the Rose Lemonade variety in particular!

Also, notice how sunny and pleasant it is in the pictures? That's because they were taken literally months ago and I've only gotten round to digging them out now because I'm camera-less and filling in the gaps until I can take some new pics - what was I saying earlier about my slipshod approach to blogging....?

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