22 November 2015

Fitmas Week One: Going For Gold

In a recent burst of fitness related enthusiasm, I jumped on board Corinne's blogger #fitmas challenge - a five week long exercise programme with the added bonus of a built-in support network of bloggers all undertaking it at the same time.

My fitness (or lack thereof) is something I've been working on for a while, though not really discussed here before. But I figure that reporting weekly on my challenge progress vastly reduces my likelihood of skipping a workout - I don't want to have to confess publically what a lazy bones I've been!

The challenge set up by Corinne (Corinne by the way is like a fitness/blogging wonder woman, she knows all things!) consists of an Abs & Cardio workout weekly, one just for arms, one for legs, and can by supplemented with additional workouts. My first week went ok, with arms being my favourite session (aside from the evil push ups), and the abs bit being my least favourite - I was feeling that for a few days, I tell thee!

In terms of the additional optional workouts,....

Like many parents, many of my evenings are spent taxi-ing my kids to their various activities and extra-curriculars... Earlier in the year my oldest lad was going through a basketball phase and his little sister decided that instead of watching him, bored, each week, she fancied joining the karate class going on in the room next door. How convenient! Until she decided she was too scared to go by herself and wanted me to go with her....

To skip to the end of the story, I somehow found myself competing in yesterdays National Championships. I actually came second in my division and have this nice shiny silver medal for my efforts....

I'm obviously pretty darn pleased with myself, but lets face it - a gold one to go with it would be nice! So that's my next aim - but for that it couldn't hurt to be a little bit faster, a little bit stronger, a little bit (okay, a heck of a lot) fitter - fitmas seems like a great place to start (or at the very least might help me justify the odd extra slice of cake!)
Here's to week two! (once I have another day or two off to recover!)

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