30 November 2015


Christmas is getting so close now I can almost taste it (though that might be the mince pies I brought in for lunch!), and while I usually have a very strict 'no opening presents 'til the 25th' policy, I'll admit that I've got the party started a little early this year following the arrival of a fabulous box of festive treats from George and my Secret Santa! 

Yup, the lovely guys at George and the happy little elves at Talented Talkers have been spreading Christmas Cheer all around the blogosphere (first time I've ever used that word!) by letting us choose sneakily choose treats for fellow bloggers from their massive gifting range.

I think I'm generally quite easy to please anyway, as I'm giddy just looking at the  shiny packages so anything inside is a bonus - but my secret santa did an amazing job! 

I know it's a cliché to say that I 'couldn't have picked better myself' but the truth is I picked a fair few of the same items for me mystery giftee because I thought they were great!

It's a secret to none that I'm partial to a bit of cake. Though my main skills lie in the eating of said yummy baked goods, I occasionally dabble in the creation of them - and cute new bakeware only makes the task more enjoyable! 

Cute bakeware doesn't come much cuter than George's Sweet Treats range! The measuring cup set is as adorable as it is useful - recipes using cup measurements usually scare me off! - and the kids will absolutely love using the baking stamps! 

The mixing bowl is gorgeous - I love the steep sides, making it a lot harder for the messy kids to spill everywhere! My dad, a former chef, was most impressed by the sturdiness of the spatulas too - I might have to keep an eye on those or he'll have them away while I'm not looking! 

And obviously a baking set wouldn't be complete without a super cute pinny and matching oven glove - decorated with baked goods and polka dots and the oh-so-true declaration that 'I never met a cake that I didn't like'.

My presents weren't all cake based though! It's starting to get cold out there, waaay too cold, but now I can stay snug and toastie in my new chunky knit snood and matching mittens - I love these because you can still get your fingers out to use cameras and phones while keeping the rest of your hands warm! 

The whole package was finished off beautifully with the gorgeously scented apple spice potpourri Yankee Candle. It's wonderful wintry aroma should offset all the fabulous fragrances of my baking!

The only downside of this awesome box of gifts is that I think I may have peaked early, Christmas wise - I can't imagine doing better than this on the day itself! Big thanks to George, Talented Talkers and my amazing Secret Santa!

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