26 November 2015

Picnic Table Afternoon Tea at the Old Barn, Esholt

Finding a good afternoon tea that the Mr will enjoy as much as I do can occasionally be a tricky task, mainly considering that he doesn't really like sandwiches (other than cheese) or cake (other than Christmas). It doesn't stop me dragging him along of course, but I know that to balance it out I'll have to listen to hours of agonising over fantasy football decisions, or explanations for historical differences between North and South Korean cinema. Such is life.

But hurrah, I recently found one that he loved just as much as I did - smiles all round!

Before this visit I'd only ever been to The Old Barn for a wedding reception, so it's only really by accident that I discovered they also did these adorable picnic-themed afternoon teas. The place is really gorgeous and we were made to feel very welcome!

A cold glass of prosecco is always a great way to start such occasions, and I loved that we got out own little bottle! The kids were a bit curious about what it was and why they couldn't have any but I managed to fob tem off with fruit shoots instead, winner!

The biggest excitement was when our goodie-laden picnic table arrived though - look at all those pretty things!

It's not just aesthetics though of course - I do love me a dainty little cake stand,... but at the end of the day, the bigger the surface area the more food you can fit on it - and this was a feast!

The savoury section of an afternoon tea is usually,.. ok. It's the bit you have to get through to get to the good stuff. Even when the sandwiches are particularly good, they're never the best bit.

But this board of savoury delights changed all that!

Sandwiches weren't missing entirely, but the hefty turkey, stuffing and cranberry open sandwich was a far cry from the dinky and delicate affair usually served with afternoon tea, and it was supplemented with a whole host of scrumptious nibbles, including a warm goats cheese tart (yum!), mini prawn cocktail and potato skin smothered in melted cheese and spring onion.

The mini steak and ale pie was as delicious as it was adorable, and the cup of hot vegetable soup was a very welcome addition on these increasingly cold days! And no smoked salmon in sight, it's like a Christmas miracle come early!

That's not to diminish the joy of the desserts of course - a gorgeously creamy cheesecake (HUGE slice at that!), nutty chocolate brownie, fruit-filled jelly pot and a strawberry-topped jam and cream scone, with strawberry milkshake to wash it all down with! I didn't get to eat my brownie as I had to swap with little madam for her scone, as she's decided she 'doesn't like cream' (what even is that?!), but since I got to double scone I won't complain too much!

The kiddos got their own mini version of the afternoon tea, with a bonus pot of sweets and a balloon each - one of which didn't make it to the car before she 'forgot' to keep hold of it and it floated off, but was a really nice touch nonetheless!

It was awesome to find an Afternoon Tea that suited everyone, and even more awesome to discover they have a festive version of this coming up in December - and we all know that the best way to make things better is to make them Christmassy!

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