6 November 2015

Patriotic Pies (And beer, of course!)

Last week saw a rare occasion for me - a whole week day off work! Woo! Much as I was tempted to spend my well earned day of rest watching Netflix in bed, I decided that I should take advantage of the not-quite-awful-yet weather and head out to partake in one of my other favourite pastimes - eating nice food and drinking beer!
Luckily my day off fell within the date period for a fab international pie and beer matching promotion at Shooters Sports Bar in Leeds. The promotion was designed the run alongside the Rugby World Cup and is based on the ingenious idea that each nation involved should have it's own pie!

It was so hard narrowing down my choice from 20 amazing sounding pies. Even after dismissing a few for being too 'boring' (like England's Steak and Ale offering) or 'not boring enough' (like the Peanut and Spicy Peppers Pie that represented Namibia) there were plenty that I was torn between but eventually settled on the Argentinian inspires Chimichurri Steak Pie. My dining partner opted for the Minted New Zealand lamb. We both agreed that, though his was good, mine was better! Honestly, the steak filling of the pie was sublime - the steak was tender and well flavoured and the whole thing was a delight!
I might have got the best pie, but I was slightly jealous of the other half's beer! We both got the corresponding beers for our chosen countries - My Argentinian Quilmes was fine, good even, but the beer from New Zealand - a ginger and honey Summer Ale from Montieth's Range - was gorgeous and will definitely be my drink of choice next time I find myself in Shooters!
Unfortunately the beer, lovely as it was, is taking at least a part of the blame for the disaster that befell me later that day - as it appears I somehow managed to lose my camera, post-pies. So sadly I'm not able to show you my particular pie and beer combo, but the images sent over by Shooters to make up for my lack of anything useful give you the idea of just how tempting they looked!
Now, I didn't actually watch any rugby alongside my pie (Rugby Union is just the wrong sort of rugby!) but this little set up would have been an amazing match time accompaniment, and Shooters definitely seems like it would be a great environment for getting really stuck into a game/pie. The meal was still plenty tasty even without a field-full of shorts-clad rugby players though - as well as being a great deal (less then £8 for a pie and beer pairing, and an extra £1.50 for chips/mashed potato and mushy peas!) and with great service.
Sadly, the pie promotion has come to an end but there's still plenty of tasty sounding things on the regular menu, and a very impressive beer selection to work through so Shooters is still definitely worth a visit!

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