14 December 2015

Bras Galore!

If you listen to stereotypes, you could assume that, because I'm from Yorkshire, I don't like spending money on things. And to an extent, that's true. I certainly don't mind splashing out every now and then but in other areas I'm distinctly stingey. I have shelves full of DVD's picked up for £3 at supermarkets, buy all my clothes in the sales, and am loathe so spend more than Primark prices on underwear....
freya bra review

But, though there are many aspects of my Yorkshire heritage I'll never turn my back on, I should really start re-considering what I think 'appropriate' amounts to spend on certain items are! It's not uncommon for me to spend more on a nice pack of tea than I would on a bra - and then of course I wonder why my cheap bras are uncomfortable, ill-fitting, and fall apart in no time!
(My particular bug-bear is when I buy more than one from the same shop and they're all completely different sizes when you put them on - what even is that?!)

bra size calculator

In the aim of developing a more grown up approach to lingerie shopping, I finally, thanks to Bras Galore, have my first 'good' bra. A proper one, ordered in my size (using the website's 'Bra Size Calculator' as my guide) as opposed to finding the nearest one to the right size that they happen to have in store). One that not only has enough support for an ample boob area, but is pretty too.

pretty bras for big boobs

And the Freya Enchanted Plunge Balcony Bra in Anthracite IS pretty, so pretty! (Despite my sketchy photography not really doing it justice - this was my first time trying to photograph a bra and it's not as easy as I'd imagined!) The delicate embroidery and adorable polka-dot bows are such a striking contrast the charcoal body of the item, and (in a true testament to the aforementioned size-calculator), it fits like a dream - no longer do I fear being unceremoniously poked in the tit by an errant underwire!
I've long since suspected that cheap bras are a false economy, but it was hard to take the plunge (I think that's almost a joke?) to the grown up world of proper lingerie without knowing if the price point really made a difference - now, having had first hand (or whatever) experience with a better quality product I know that it really is about time I shifted my perspective on how much I should be spending on these things!
I still wouldn't pay more than £3 for most DVDs though...

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