18 December 2015

Christmas Dinner at the Great Victoria Hotel, Bradford

There are many many things I love about Christmas. I love the cheesy Christmas songs and the soppy Christmas films. I love Christmas shopping and I love Christmas wrapping. And I LOVE a good Christmas dinner.
In fact, I think its fair to say that Christmas dinner is so darn good that it'd be a real shame to just limit yourself to just one a year.

With this thought in mind, I popped along to Bradford's Great Victoria Hotel to check out their festive menu offerings this year! I've only been to the hotel once before but that was for a very enjoyable Afternoon Tea, so I was pretty confident that the Christmas affair wouldn't be disappointing - plus the hotel is located conveniently close to Bradford's new Broadway shopping centre so it's easy to pop up for some well earned sustenance after a tiring shopping session!

Though there were a couple of tasty sounding starter options, I usually struggle to move after just the main course of Christmas dinner so I decided to forgo the unnecessaries and skip straight to the main event (mainly, I'll admit, to maximise my chance of being able to squeeze in a dessert!
There were four main courses to choose from, but really, this close to Christmas, there was only one real option - it had to be the Roast Turkey, with all the festive trimmings!

SO MUCH TURKEY! I don't know why but I never eat turkey during the rest of the year, so I think I forget just how good it is - but there was plenty on this plate to remind me! Add a meaty little pile of pigs in blankets on a bed of crisp roast potatoes and you just know that Santa is on his way!

 I was quite happy with my plate the way it was if I'm entirely honest, but I suppose the big man in red might have been a little unhappy with me if I skipped the veggies altogether. I didn't remember to photograph my healthy bowl until after I'd already swiped the 'good vegetables' (carrots and broccoli, oh yeah!), and I did feel bad about completely ignoring all the sprouts - but I'm sure I'm not alone in shunning these horrible things!

Other main menu options included salmon fishcakes, and a spinach and ricotta tortellini, but it was the slow roasted lamb shank that tickled the fancy of my dining partner. I'm not really into lamb, but I do love me some mashed potato so nicked a forkful (or two) of that and it was lovely! 

Then time for puddings, hurrah! T'other half ordered the Christmas pudding, served with brandy sauce and dried cranberries. I know I said I loved lots about Christmas, but that sadly doesn't extend to Christmas pudding (or even Christmas cake,.. or mince pies really.... nothing too dried-fruity!) so was happy to let him finish this one himself....

I was torn between the lemon tart (always a favourite!) and the toffee cheesecake but I took the advice of our waiter for the evening and went cheesecake - it was not a decision I regretted! The dessert was the standard cheesecakey stuff I expected, but with an extra bonus layer of sticky-toffee-puddingish-sponge that completely elevated this dessert from being 'pretty good' to being out of this world awesome! From about half way through I kept saying 'I'm not sure I can finish this....', but I managed in the end!

And we got to finish our meal in the way all meals should be finished - with a nice cup of tea and chocolate!
The Great Victoria is a fab Christmas Dinner stop off - it's location right in the town centre means it's perfect to end a day of shopping or start a night of drinking (if you can handle doing anything other than going home to sleep after a meal like that!), and they have a full menu full of non-Christmassy food too if you don't manage to get in over the next week or so!
* Big thanks to the Great Victoria Hotel for providing our festive merriment and meal!

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  1. Too hard for breathing when reading this post and looking at these photos. It looks so delicious. Wish I can make this one at the Christmas this year


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