20 December 2015

Christmas Gifting with Williamson Tea

I know I'm cutting it a bit fine now for Christmas gift suggestions, but in a minute you'll see why I just had to squeeze in one last tea-lovers tip!
Tin cups and tea bags

I like tea. I think it can make a great gift - there are so many different exciting varieties, fresh flavours, new brands - but the Williamson Tea elephant tea caddies are just the most handsome tea containers I've ever come across!

williamson elephant tea

I was lucky enough to be sent one of these gorgeous Christmas gift sets containing this gorgeous seasonal caddy filled with silky loose leaf tea bags of a grand Kenya  Earth Tea (Williamson Tea's take on a classic English Breakfast), enamel mug (perfect as, unlike my most recent 'good' tea mug, this one can't be smashed by one of the clumsy office oafs!) and printed canvas bag.

tea for gifts

There are a few different sized gift sets available on the web page priced between £18.50 (for this sort of size - a great price for the quality of the items!) and £39.50. The clear gem of the gift set though is the wonderful elephant caddy (my pictures don't do justice to the beautiful designs and textured finish of the tin), and there's a huge range of these lovely things from just £12.50 each (with a number of different teas available) so you should be able to find something for your tea-loving friends and family members regardless of budget!


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