6 December 2015

Christmas Shopping In The Bag

Less than three weeks to go now and I still haven't done any proper Christmas shopping, arrgghhh! But I have seen plenty of things I want, so I figured it's only fair to share some of my best finds for those still hoping for shopping inspiration!

Bags make great presents. I love to buy them for people (ask my sister-in-law!) and I LOVE to receive them, and no one is making better bags than Vendula London!
I might say this every time I get a new one, but this is my favourite yet! Like most of their ranges, The George comes in a variety of styles and sizes, but I fell in love with the box bag on first sight. Certain designs just seem to just suit certain styles, and I thought this little mini pub was just perfect!

I've spoken about my deep love for Vendula London unique bags before, I'm nuts about this company and adore their products. They look great from a distance (I've never taken one out of the house without receiving a stream of comments and questions on it!) and even better close up. The devil, as they say, is in the detail - and these bags are full of detail! I love the cosy bar scene with it's welcoming open fire and real fabric curtains, but my absolute favourite feature on this particular bag is the proper little pub sign that swings right out. This made me proper giddy when I first discovered it!

The classic Vendula London lining can be found inside, along with a couple of pockets and dividers for keeping things safe and organised (or you can just chuck everything I randomly and never be able to find what you are looking for, like I do - but at least the bag looks grand while you search through!)
Of course, the clever bag designers don't forget about the back of the bags either! As well as another handy pocket you get a subtle recommendation to drink more (at least that's how I'm choosing to interpret that!) and a reminder that sunny days and beer gardens are not too far away!
Until those sunnier days arrive though, I'm happy to take my favourite of autumn accessories on many a pub visit, trying to find one as warm and welcoming as my carryable beer house!

As well as this beauty, there's a whole range of gorgeous products on the Vendula site - from huge bags to tiny purses, with phone cases, ipad covers and other bits and pieces in between! There are so many unique designs to chose from it should be no problem to find just the thing for everyone on your gift list - I have it on good authority that one or two of my work colleagues have already picked out something special for their ladies this Christmas, and you know I'll always have a couple on my list for Santa!

* This one came from the Vendula fairy because I'm a lucky little sausage.

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