10 December 2015

Degustabox November 2015 (The Festive One!)

I get my Degustabox delivered to work, and delivery days is an exciting time for us all. I'm usually pretty good with sharing so the eager beavers in the office are often as keen to see what's inside as I am, knowing that they have a good chance of getting to try some of the tasty delicacies within!

I was going to tell you a convoluted story about comments made during my monthly 'unboxing' routine, but the words wont go down right, so I'm just going to jump ahead to the main point, which is - we think this box is brilliant.

'Tis a time of year meant for eating, and this box is a great help in getting started early on all the Christmas munching! Take these first couple of items for example.... Cheese and crackers is a big part of Christmas in my family. Perfect for that post-Christmas dinner 'can't face a meal but want something to nibble while I watch Dr Who' Christmas evening snack, and now we have more exciting flavours to look forward to! I particularly like the sound on the Ryvita Chedder and Cracked Black Pepper flatbreads, though I'm sure the Green & Black Olive Crackers will go down a treat over the festive period too!

You know I'm more of a tea drinker than a coffee connoisseur, but I do occasionally dabble in coffee, and its drunk widely throughout the office. We all loved the idea of these flavoured coffee syrups from Teisseire! A few drops in my instant nescafe (I did say I wasn't a connoisseur!) isn't going to give you quite the same result as a big proper fancy coffee from a big proper fancy coffee machine, of course, but I do like the extra little kick they give to my morning drink!

The Belvita soft bakes fit right into my work 'box of snacks' for emergencies (missed lunch breaks, desperate cravings etc). These are a great source of fibre, vitamin B6, iron and magnesium so are probably a better bet than heading for the biscuit tin!

This may surprise anyone that knows of my fondness for anything sweet and chocolatey, but I don't actually go through that much chocolate spread! I'll use it in baking occasionally but otherwise don't really keep it in the house - I think it's partially because I know the kids will dive in and have it with three meals a day, leading to rotten teeth and mum guilt. The JimJams spread has taken a healthier approach though, with no added sugar, so don't have to feel so bad about keeping this in the cupboard (though it'll still go on a high shelf!)

Still thinking of the kids teeth, I decided it'd be best if the Butterkist popcorn didn't make it home and that I ate it all at work instead (shhh, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!) To be fair, the salted caramel popcorn was never going anywhere else after I had my first taste and I just could not stop eating it. This is seriously good stuff and I'll definitely be treating myself to more of this, as well as keeping me eyes peeled for the other 'discoveries' flavours, sweet chilli & lime and bbq pulled pork.

My dad is all about pickles and chutneys so these will be going to his house, where we all home to get fed on Boxing Day. I wonder if I can get away with wrapping them up as a Christmas present?

One of the items we were all most excited about was the Hartley's GLITTER jelly! I haven't made it yet as one of the young 'uns has a birthday coming up very soon so I want to save it for then, but this has potential to be seriously amazing! And worst case scenario, it's still jelly so you can't really lose!

Another couple of snacks to round out the edible goodies, one healthy and one .. not so much! I might save the fruit crisps for the inevitable new years health kick, whereas it's a surprise that there's any of the Divine chocolate left - but then this is chocolate to be slowly savoured!

Lastly, it wouldn't be Christmas without a wee tipple. Degustabox have kindly got us started on the booze-fest with a handsome bottle of Rekorderlig cider and an adorable mini bottle of Baileys!

I can't imagine the next couple of boxes being better than this one, but there's one really good way to find out! Each box is £12.99 including postage, but you can get a whopping £6 off your first box with the code BLDEG15 when you sign up - a great gift for any food lover!

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