7 December 2015

Festive Afternoon Tea at Ashmount Country House, Haworth

Afternoon Tea is always a special occasion, but like most other things, Afternoon Tea takes on a decisively festive twist once December hits, making this special occasion even more special!

We meandered over to Ashmount Country House for our festive treats after a lovely Christmassy day in Haworth - our windy walk on the moor left my a wee bit 'wuthered' and in need of a sit down and a brew!

Ashmount is only a few minutes walk from Haworth's main street (worth going at the minute for the beautiful window displays at Rose & Co alone!), with lovely views over the gorgeous surrounding countryside from the comfort of the tea room!

Before the arrival of the cake stand we were presented with a couple of slices of a brie and caramelised red onion quiche, served warm and delicious. I'll admit, I've never actually eaten quiche before! (Is that shocking? It feels like it is!) I don't really like eggs and I'm really wary of anything that might be too eggy (for want of a better word), but this was really nice actually - I might have to start being less of a food wimp!

Sandwiches were cheese with winter chutney triangles, a flatbread thingie with turkey and cranberry sauce (Christmassy!), and smoked salmon and cucumber finger sandwiches which were of course ignored - I'm not quite ready to give up being a food wimp yet it seems! The others were just grand though!

It didn't take us long to move up a tier on the cake stand though and get started on the cakes!

We were presented with a little iced ball of Christmas cake (the Mr was very excited, Christmas cake is his favourite ever cake!), an awesome Christmas parkin cupcake and a 'mulled pavlova' - meringue on top of cream on top of spiced fruit. A sure fire way to make things more festive is to throw in some spices and fruit!

So it just makes sense in that case that the best thing you can add to an afternoon tea to make it really festive is a nice hot glass of mulled wine...... oh, look what I found!

We saved the scones for last (unusual, as I'd usually have them after sandwiches and before cake but I think my dining partner wanted to dive in to his mini Christmas cake as soon as possible!) and these were plenty Christmassy too!

The scones themselves were cranberry and spiced orange, and served with clotted cream and a delicious orange and whiskey marmalade. I've never had marmalade with scones before and it worked a treat with the orange flavoured scones! These were so tasty and a great way to finish off a lovely afternoon tea - I couldn't think of a better way to get in the Christmas Spirit!

If you don't think you'll manage to get up to Ashmount House before Christmas, fear not - they do a 'traditional' afternoon tea the rest of the time and I'm sure that'll be just grand too (though of course I better head back in the new year just to be sure!)

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