16 December 2015

Winter Warmers from Ahmad Tea

Tea is the best drink in the world, no matter the weather. But there's something about a hot cup of the good stuff on a cold day that's just that bit special - soul-soothing, heart-warming, body-restoring hot tea. 

Top teas for winter

I've recently been trying out some great teabags from Ahmad Tea, and the worsening weather gave me the perfect excuse to try some of their more 'wintery' options (yes, teas, like coats, are seasonal, obviously!)

spiced winter teas

The obvious choice for a more warming brew was the evocatively named 'Winter Charm', a 'warming and comforting' blend of apple, cinnamon, cloves and orange peel. This one had me giddy before the kettle had even boiled, just based on the aroma of the dry teabag alone. 'What does it smell like?' I was asked in the office.. 'Christmas. It smells like Christmas'. It has that incredible festive blend of fruit and spices that all the best Christmas cakes and other seasonal delights have, with a resulting brew in the temptingly deep red shade of mulled wine - how festive!

If I were to have one tea-based Christmas wish, it would be to have this same blend but just with a touch of chilli to give an extra bit of wintery heat. But then I like chilli in most things, so imagine this would be spot on for most folk just as it is!

best tea for cold days

We all know that the best way to make anything more Christmassy is to throw cinnamon at it, so the Rooibos and cinnamon was the natural choice for my next winter tea. In my head the warm seasonal spice would be a perfect addition to the naturally sweet creamy tasting rooibos, and By Jove, I was right! Like the Winter Charm, the scent of this alone is enough to ease many ills. The drink itself manages to be both comforting and indulgent, like a hot bath or a sunday lie-in.

great winter tea

A classic English Breakfast tea isn't necessarily by itself particularly wintery. But I defy anyone to get a good look at that snowy scene on the gorgeous tin and not want to put a woolly hat on. Like many things, it would of course be better if it were Yorkshire rather than London but since Ahmad Tea are based down there, I'll let them off! Plus this is just one of many beautiful tins, caddies and gift boxes available that would make wonderful presents for tea-loves for any big upcoming gift-giving occasions!

London tea caddy gift

The English Breakfast blend is an incredibly drinkable blend of Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan teas. I'd describe this as an 'everyday' tea but that seems to lessen it somehow, make it seem ordinary when it's anything but. It just means that there's no bad time to drink this!

Ahamd tea tins

These lovely warming blends are just a few of the large and lovely sounding selection of teas (black, green, herbal and fruit!) available from Ahmad Tea, each one carefully selected to bring their customers the very best in tea-drinking experiences. You can find the full list of available options (along with more information about this family-run tea company!) on their web page, or get in touch with them on twitter if you need any help narrowing your choices down!

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