8 January 2016

Celebrating National Pizza Week

I know that every week is national something week and every day is national something day, it can be hard to keep up and I rarely pay attention to what is happening - but I always pay attention if pizza is involved!

pizza bingley

Pizza is the best of foods, the most important of foods. The most soul-comforting and joy-giving of foods. I've seriously considered booking Italy tour packages, just so I can trail the wonderful country eating all the different regional variations of this most wonderful and versatile of dishes. In short, I really like pizza.

So to celebrate this most sacred of celebrations I headed over to The Potting Shed in Bingley to check out their pizza oven offerings!

garden themed restaurant yorkshire

The Potting Shed, as the name might suggest, is a lovely garden themed bar, serving delicious food and a great selection of drinks. It's a bit like a less intense version of The Botanist (with which I know a few of you are familiar), but cheaper and with the added benefit of not being in Leeds! The piece de resistance of the theming is their truly lovely beer garden....

potting shed bingley garden

 I can only imagine how inviting this little spot is on those hot summer days..... unfortunately we were there on a rainy winter night, so you are quite lucky I braved the outdoors for just a minute or two to get a picture!

potting shed bingley conservatory

It's not all bad news in the poor weather though - you can still replicate that outdoor vibe in the weather-proof conservatory - complete with 'grass' and patio furniture! I heard that the refurbishment of this area is yet to be complete, so it's set to look even better, but I was quietly impressed as it was!

  potting shed games

And while I'm showing you around, it'd be remiss of me to not point out the pool room - notable not only for the pretty purple pool table, but the fact that you can pour your own pints up here!

bingley food menu

But that's all extraneous detailing - I was there for the food! I settled down with an extremely drinkable pint of The Potting Shed Amber (via the Stod Fold Brewing Company) to peruse the menu.

snacks potting shed bingley

My dining buddy wasn't particularly hungry and decided a portion of Peri Peri Chicken Goujons from the 'snack' section of the menu would satisfy him. I only had a nibble, but the chicken was juicy and tender, the batter was light and crisp - I wish he'd ordered a bigger meal so I could get away with stealing more from his plate!

Gorgeous pizza bingley

I, of course, was all about the pizza - that's what we were there to celebrate after all! (I've probably mentioned this before, but t'other half doesn't eat pizza. Doesn't. eat. pizza. Can you imagine?!) The list of options isn't overly extensive, but covers all the main bases (there's a plain one, a veggie one, a meaty one, a spicy one etc). I ordered a Diavalo - mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, red onions and fresh and flaked chilli. I must have been feeling brave! It paid off though, the pizza was delicious - baked to order in the wood-fired in house pizza oven and generously topped with fresh ingredients. It was a struggle (for reasons of both volume and spiciness) but I managed to finish the whole thing, single-handedly!

gardening themed drinks

The Potting Shed don't currently do a lot in the way of desserts (one may occasionally pop up on the specials menu), but that's due to be revised with the next menu change - in the meantime, they do some brilliant sounding 'Garden Special' cocktails if you really wanted to treat yourself to something post-dinner! Sadly, I had to drive home so couldn't partake this time, but I'll be back and I'll be leaving the car at home!

National Pizza Week runs 'til Satuday so you still have time to join in the party!

* Big thanks to The Potting Shed for helping me celebrate national pizza week by providing me with my scrumptious meal!

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