21 January 2016

Degustabox December 2015

I'd previously said that November's Degustabox was my all time favourite ones, so it had set the bar pretty high for this one (technically December's box but arriving in January due to a nice Christmas break!)... Could this one measure up to its predecessors success, or was it to be an inevitable disappointment? Take a peek inside!

Food subscription boxes

I always like the sort of oat-based snack bars like these from The Fabulous Bakers - because I can pretend I'm chowing down on some deliciously sweet flapjack instead of something healthy! The mango and pineapple pieces lend the bars a tropical taste as well as naturally sweetening them so there's no need for added sugar!

healthy snack ideas

You may be spotting a theme here with my 'avoidance of healthy foods', but I do tend to look at things like these bags of (nothing but) freeze dried fruit and think 'that's not for me'. But, feeling brave (and peckish) I cracked these open at work t'other day and was pleasantly surprised - these crispy little bits of dried fruit were really lovely!

freeze dried fruit snacks

I wasn't overly excited by the appearance of the Betavivo initially (first thought? 'looks like cat biscuits'), but came round a little when I read that this Swedish cereal can lower cholesterol and lower blood glucose levels. Unfortunately, it still tastes of cat biscuits,.. but it IS good for you!

food for reducing cholesterol

I've had the Compete Energy Bites before in a previous Degustabox, but in a different flavour - they're basically a little flavoured cube of caffeine and sugar! Not something for everyday perhaps, be supposedly perfect for pre-exercise/driving/studying.

food for energy

Pasta and sauce are two very important cupboard staples in our house, and these will add to the mix very nicely! It's wholewheat pasta from Barilla, so a little better for you than the kind I usually buy, and I'm sure it'll still go down a treat with the kids when topped with the corresponding Barilla Mediterranean Vegetable sauce!

healthy easy meals

I've tried products similar to the Hip Pops before so figured I'd be pretty safe with them, but these - particularly the Salt and Black Pepper flavour, were really nice - I'd definitely buy them again!

healthy crisp alternatives

I loved the idea of the Chai Latter skinny blend - a low calorie, easy to make hot drink - but sadly I just didn't love this one. Maybe Chai is one of those things worth doing the long way round?

instant chai

I know coconut milk is supposed be a healthier alternative to regular old cows milk, but I've only ever used it in cakes before so for me it doesn't have the healthiest of associations! Maybe I should branch out and try it for other, not cakey, things!

lactose free milk alternatives

I don't usually buy bottled water, because I live in Bradford and our tap water is glorious. But the tap water doesn't come with a kiss of cucumber and mint so I thought these Nuva spring waters were definitely worth testing! I wasn't sure on the cucumber and mint one at first, as it reminded me a bit too much of curry houses, which made me want a curry. Once I'd gotten my curry cravings out of the way (by going for a curry, obviously), I gave this another go and could appreciate how refreshing and lovely it was! The ginger and lemon was grand too - just enough extra to make your water interesting!

water with a kiss of flavour

I was split on the alcoholic beverages included in this months box - I'm a big fan of Crabbie's ginger beer, but not really a vodka drinker (even when it is toffee flavoured!). But the box came with a little instruction book on how best to construct a Toffee Mule (not a particularly complicated cocktail recipe, as it basically involves pouring both of these into one glass).. so I thought I'd give that a go and it gets my thumbs up!

vodka toffee mule

Where the pre-Christmas box was full of fun and naughty treats, the post-Christmas box was aimed at being a little healthier, as you'd expect. For me, an indulgent, sugar-loving chubster, obviously I preferred the calorie-laden goodies of the last box. But that's not to say there isn't plenty of good stuff here - and that toffee vodka is sweet enough to make up for the healthy bits elsewhere in the box! So overall, another great delivery from Degustabox!

Wanna get your hands on your own ace food delivery every month? Course you do! And you can get a huge great big whopping discount of £6 off your first box if you use the code BLDEG15 at the checkout when you subscribe (which you can do here!)

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