23 January 2016

Minicruise on the Pride of York

As a massive chocolate lover, Belgium is something of a spiritual home - and as such I try to make a short pilgrimage there each year. I'd somehow managed to get nearly all the way through 2015 without making it over, so booked a last minute minicruise to Bruges for some pre-Christmas shopping! 

pride of york

Like every previous trip to the beautiful city, we took the overnight ferry to Zeebrugge from Hull. Not only is it a lovely relaxed way of travelling, but if you book at the right times it can be really cheap too! We took advantage of the 'off season' 2-for-1 offer (though these cheaper months may correspond with some pretty choppy seas during your crossings!) for our short trip. 

long path of cabins

After getting into Hull with pretty much no time to spare (oops!) we parked up for a couple of nights, completed the quick check in at the ferry port and headed aboard! The ferry leaved Hull early evening, and gets into Zeebrugge the next morning, so overnight is spent on the ferry - which has a number of ways of keeping passengers entertained while they travel.

Firstly though, to find our cabin for the evening! 

bunk beds in ferry cabin

Now, I like a lot about the ferry. But I'd by lying if I said this was luxurious accommodation. There's little room in our cabin for anything but the slender bunk beds and a rather teeny bathroom, but I do hear rumours of fancy room upgrades if comfort is more important to you than cost (unfortunately we were on a tight budget for this trip but our dinky little cabin did us just fine!) 

ferry at night

 Due to our aforementioned late arrival in Hull, we'd not had time to eat before getting on the ferry - so decided to take advantage of the on board buffet restaurant (which doubled up nicely as a way to get us fed and to kill some travel time!) 

p and o ferries minicruise buffet

You can save money by booking your meals before you travel but as our late arrival was unplanned, we took advantage of the option to pay on board (buying a ticket for the next days breakfast buffet while we were at it as there was a deal on if you doubled up!)

hot buffet choices

We got to the restaurant not long after it opened, so had no trouble getting a table and our pick of food (though everything was topped up regularly!). There was plenty of food choice too - soups and salads, meat and veggies, and even a pretty extensive curry section! 

hull ferry buffet

Of course, its the desserts I really get my moneys worth at a buffet and I of course made sure I saved room for at least one big slice of cake (oh ok, and a wee tub of ice cream too!) 

pride of york food

And cheese... no more really needs to be said I'm sure!

ferry buffet choices

There's a little cinema on board - it doesn't show the latest releases but gets them sometime between the cinematic release and the DVD - so we bought tickets for The Intern. Sadly the film wasn't great but you can't win them all!

This took us to just about bed time, but not before a quick drink at one of the bars. There's a couple of places to get a drink on the ferry but we eschewed the the noisier Sunset Show Bar for the peaceful Piano Bar on this occasion. There's also casino and a coffee shop on board, as well as the opportunity for a little shopping. 

It was soon time to retire to our cabin for the night where we were ... uh, gently rocked to sleep by the rolling waves!

ferry cabin window

Morning meant to return to the buffet for breakfast before jumping on the coach to the gorgeous city of Bruges!

It was only a day trip on this occasion (which you'll be able to read all about very soon!), but next time I hope to take advantage of the chance to put off the return travel by a day and spend the night in Bruges instead! 

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