31 January 2016

Murder On The Posh Floor

I've been lucky enough to go to quite a few really great blogger events in my time, but very few that have been as inventive, well-planned, and just plain funny as January's Murder On The Posh Floor event. 

murder on the posh floor

We have solid wood floor experts Posh Flooring to thank for our afternoon out (how d'ya make 30 bloggers look at a floor? Put a dead body on it!), as well as the clever folk at Search Laboratories for organising (and providing most of the pictures you'll see here!), the Murder Mystery Company for proving the entertainment and the Leeds City Hilton for providing the crime scene! 

fake moustaches

I also owe a big thanks to Daisy and Sophie for letting me hijack them at the train station and tag along until the start of the event! When the lift doors opened on the right floor we were greeted with drinks and photo opportunities - someone knows how to make bloggers happy! 

posh floor event

After the opening reception, where we got to mingle and discuss potential murder suspects and flooring options, it was time to head into our main room, all set up for dinner! 

sit down dinner

murder mystery company menu

I was a little star struck to be on a table with some brilliant and highly and impressive bloggers (I was sandwiched between the amazing Georgina and the lovely Mary), but there was no time to be intimidated....

hilton leeds event

... as mere moments after taking out seats, the door burst open and in staggered Lord Burlington, clearly struggling for breath. As he stumbled round the room in sheer desperation we all, in a sad indictment of the times we live in, concerned ourselves more with taking photographs than with helping the poor dying man.

dead body

I'm sure there was nothing we could have done though, as in no time at all poor Lord Burlington had collapsed on the floor (conveniently, in almost exactly the spot marked out for a body), a victim of a most horrible MURDER!

Murder Mystery Company Leeds

Thankfully, Sherlock Holmes was soon on the scene - surely he, with the help of us all as witnesses, could solve this horrific crime and make sure the murderer was brought to justice? 

(After posing for pictures, of course!) 

detective pictures

As in any murder case, there was a great deal of evidence to work through - as well as suspect profiles (and there were a lot of people who could have had a good motive for ending the lord), we could test certain items for fingerprints, carry out pocket searches, and question the suspects.

murder mystery clues

interactive murder mystery event

And while two of the three tables correctly identified not only the murderer, but the motive, one table got the answer completely wrong. Sadly, that table was ours.... oops!

I still maintain our suspect was definitely guilty of something though!

murder mystery cop

My explanation for our terrible lack of success is that I was distracted by the food (oh ok, and the wine!) We were definitely well-fed during the afternoon! 

starters hilton leeds

main course hilton leeds

desserts hilton leeds

murder on the posh floor goodies

This was such a brilliantly fun event, I'm so glad I could go and so so grateful to everyone involved! Though I failed horrible as a detective, I loved the murder mystery event - and now need to do another one so I can attempt to restore my sleuthing reputation!

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