18 February 2016

The 1875

Last week, I was invited to the grand opening of the 1875 in Bradford. I went, I ate, I drank, I had a good time. What I didn't do (because I'm an idiot who forgot to check her batteries!) was take any pictures,... so I figured it was only fair to call back in a few days later!

indian street food bar

Our return visits not only enabled us to try out some more of the food and drink offerings from the new Ivegate-based bar, but to have a good old natter with the owner about his grand plans for the business and its place in Bradford's regeneration.

If the name rings any bells, it may be because you are familiar with the highly regarded Indian restaurant in Menston. The bold decision to close down the Menston site and relocate to a much bigger city centre venue, with almost limitless potential, was made. Unlike the previous spot, primarily reserved for fine dining, the new 1875 is a bar first and foremost - but a bar where you can eat, and eat well.

inside the 1875

Anyone who saw the building in it's former guise of the dark and dingy Gasworks nightclub will surely be impressed by the internal refurbishment of the place, which is not only bright and cheerful but also clean and safe (which I'm not sure could have been said about the place a few years ago!) There's plenty of space for eating, working (the booths all have plug sockets and USB ports!) and dancing - with spare floors to expand to if all goes well!

drink selection bradford

At the minute, The 1875 is all alone on Ivegate, a street more known for its charity shops and phone places more than great beer and tasty food. But, like much of the rest of Bradford's city centre - change is a-coming! With a couple more future openings, including the impossibly exciting Sunbridge Wells project, coming soon - everyone is hoping that Ivegate will have the same sort of brilliant revival we've seen at Northgate, elsewhere in the city, in recent years.

great beer at the 1875 bradford

But everything has to start somewhere - and I can't think of a finer place to start than this new establishment! The bar is well stocked - with a nice mix of lagers, ales and ciders available on tap, and fridges full enough to easily find something to suit all tastes. I was recommended the Meantime Chocolate Porter ('very popular with the ladies', I was reliably informed!) - 'twas grand!

I was most excited to try the food though! These small, sharable, tapas-style 'street food' dishes are the favourite culinary choice of many these days - it's a friendly informal style of eating out, in which you get to try out a whole variety of dishes without necessarily overspending or overeating.

nibbles 1875

The menu choices aren't extensive but cover a number of tasty dishes, both meaty and vegetarian (they can cater for allergies and other dietry requirements but may need a little notice!). To get a good spread, we tried a couple of each!

The belly pork went down a storm with the other half. It's not really my cup of tea, but I did try a bit  and thought it was not bad at all (the highest compliment I'm ever likely to give belly pork!). I much preferred the chicken though!

vegetarian indian food

I loved the vegetarian dishes. The spring rolls - filled with fresh veggies and tasty chunks of paneer - were delicious, but the veg samosas were my absolute favourite - absolutely huge for a start, with thick crunchy pastry wrapped around fluffy spiced potato and vegetables. Absolutely lovely. Plus, our little platter - the perfect size for two of us - only cost a mere tenner. Bargain!

I'm really looking forward to seeing this place - and the rest of the area - develops. It definitely wont be my last visit!

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