26 March 2016

Afternoon Tea at the Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas

When we first booked our holiday to Las Vegas, one of the first things I did (of course!) was look for a good afternoon tea for our trip!

You may not consider a serene afternoon of sophisticated nibbles and alcohol-free beverages a 'typical' Las Vegas activity ... but there's never a bad time for tea and cake!

Dragon tea set

I'd heard that the afternoon tea at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel was the one, and I fell in love with the place when I first saw a picture of their impeccable tea room on their website, so persuaded the other half that it was a must-do for our trip!

The Mandarin Oriental is a beautiful hotel. In a city well known for its opulent accommodation, this place still manages to stand out  - an oasis of calm and tranquillity amongst the bustle of the Strip.

View from Mandarin Oriental Tea Room Las Vegas

The view wasn't bad either!

tea set at mandarin oriental

Everything so far had been of such dazzling quality, it should have come as no surprise to see that tea menu was as extensive as it was. Alongside the more standard (but still impressive) black, green and oolong tea options stood a selection of blooming teas and herbal infusions to promote health and wellbeing.
With such a broad range of options, it was perhaps a little unadventurous of me to select the Mandarin Orange Blend - a black tea with orange and mandarin favours and vanilla undertones - but I regret nothing! This custom black tea blend was picked specifically for the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas, so it did seem like the obvious choice while we were there! My companion chose the Ginseng Oolong, and a generous pot was provided of each.

afternoon tea in las vegas

Before too long, a well stocked and colourful cake stand appeared next to our table -......

tea and cake las vegas

The savoury section was certainly a lot more aesthetically exciting that the finger sandwiches that I'm used to! The mini ice-cream cone looking things were chicken curry in a sesame cone, and an absolute delight. The crab remoulade with mango and cream cheese was a cheery little addition to the plate too.  I'd pre-warned the hotel about my unsophisticated aversion to smoked salmon, so instead of the smoked salmon and tarter cream brioche on the menu we were presented with double the black forest ham and brie lollipops, and I couldn't have been happier!

curried chicken cone ham lollipop

The scones were served warm, which I love. I'm kicking myself now for not being able to remember what flavour they were - one was definitely plain (a far too dreary description for something so delightful of course, but accurate enough in that it had no other flavourful additions!) and the other one I'm sure was cherry, or white chocolate, or white chocolate and cherry?

afternoon tea scones las vegas
Either way they were amazing, light and fluffy and absolutely scrumptious with the provided preserves (strawberry and blueberry jams) and a hearty dollop of delicious clotted cream!

las vegas scone preserves

las vegas cream tea

It was the miniature cakes and pastries though that had captured my attention since the cake stand arrived! I do appreciate a brightly coloured selection with lots of variety and that's exactly what we got!

afternoon tea cakes on the strip

I was most giddy about the blueberry puff - all cakes should come with mini-macarons! And purple too, so pretty! The cranberry tart was a gloriously put-together creation with a crème brulee style topping, and I can't get over the absolutely perfect appearance of the key lime dome. In terms of taste though, the chocolate praline truffle was my winner - divine!

mini macaron on a cake

The full afternoon tea (priced at $38 each) does need booking in advance, but the tea lounge is open from 10am to 10pm if you just fancy a nice brew and some peace and quiet! The staff were wonderful, both on the day of our booking, and beforehand when I bombarded them with a million questions via email when trying to decide if we could fit this into our trip - I'm so glad we did!

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