21 March 2016

A Professional Aura (Print)

I've been blogging for a long time now - years, in a couple of different spots, and I'm still no good at it. I know so many dedicated bloggers - with fully organised schedules, lists of pre-written posts ready to schedule at will, and unshakable beliefs in their power to entertain and inform their readers.
I, on the other hand, am useless. I've never scheduled so much as a single tweet. I get excited at getting fun emails, then completely forget to reply. I forget to photograph things before using/eating them. I'm not organised or professional in any way.


BUT!!! Now I have these awesome new business cards so I can PRETEND to be organised and professional!

auraprint business cards

Yup, these flashy new things arrived in a recent delivery from Aura Print - a company that ARE completely organised and professional! Not only is the final product really rather lovely, but they did a grand job of dealing with an annoying customer like me - as well as being a bit rubbish at doing stuff (I mentioned that already I believe!), I'm terrible with any kind of decision making and anything design related so my instructions on how the cards should look were about as detailed and concise as 'maybe something that looks a bit like whatever is already on the site'.
Smooth, right?

colour core business cards

Despite that, their great design team did a great job of putting together my simple, pretty cards - they were so fast is sending the proofs back too and getting them all out to me. I really couldn't have asked for a smoother process!
My favourite thing about these cards, the thing that really sets them apart from others I've seen is the coloured core. I opted for a cheery 'daffodil' shade, but there's a range of hue options for Impakt Colour Core Business Cards - some subtle, some intense, so something to suit all circumstances!

tea and cake blog cards
The coloured core is not only really eye-catching, but leads to a really thick, study card that feels excellent quality too. There's no way these bad boys will be getting crumpled!
Now I just need to work on actually passing these out to people! Hopefully my faux professionalism will inspire me to be a little more 'on it' in other respects of blogging too!
* Thanks to Aura Print for providing this much needed inspiration free of charge.

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