17 March 2016

#MyHavenDays at Primrose Valley

Now, I'm not one of those bloggers to apologise for not posting for a day or two (mainly because I'm sure no one has really noted my absence over the last couple of weeks, nevermind cared) but I can't deny it's been a little quiet on the blog front recently...

But the reason for my lack of posting isn't just an existential crisis about the futility of blogging, oh no! I've also been on holiday! Well, holidays, actually....

sea view from primrose valley

I had an incredible week of sipping Margaritas in Las Vegas, followed by a lovely family weekend away on the Yorkshire coast. And while hopefully tales of the glitz and glamour of sin city will be interesting to some of you, I have about a million photos to sort out from the trip before I can get them in any sort of blog order so I thought I'd start with sunny Scarborough!
We've enjoyed spring-time Haven breaks with the kids for many years now, and its not a tradition I'm in a rush to break. These were the holidays I had as a little one and I have such great memories - - I wouldn't want my two growing up without that!

primrose valley accomodation

I feared we'd been a little spoiled by last years Presthaven Sands stay in a Prestige caravan, as I only booked standard accommodation for our weekend away at Primrose Valley (figuring we didn't need the space for a two night stay that we needed for a full week!),.. but the newer standard models have central heating now which is the most important thing! Even though it took me a little while to figure out how to get it on......
west pier cafe haven primrose valley
We didn't arrive 'til after dark on the Friday so just quickly dropped our stuff on at our new home and headed out to find food and entertainment.... We spotted West Pier on our way into the club and it looked perfect for our needs (as in, it was open, with empty tables, and it was serving hot food!) I don't think I've seen one of these establishments on a Haven park before - I'm not sure if they're new or they've just not had them at our most recent locations - but it was a nice casual spot serving mainly burgers at a pretty reasonable price. Though I wish we'd ordered more than one portion of the bacon cheese fries to share!
Once satisfied, it was onto the arcades for the obligatory seaside 2p machine session before a brief call into the club before heading back the caravan for tea, cake and Run Fat Boy Run on TV (I'm sure this was on at our last holiday too!)

seaside 2p machine

We had great intentions to be up and out early Saturday morning to explore the great attractions on offer in the region,.. but a combination of jetlag and general laziness meant we didn't actually get moving 'til early afternoon so we just rambled on into Scarborough town.

american diner in yorkshire

We stumbled across East Coast Kitchen, an American themed diner, on our way down to the seafront. It might not be exactly what you think of when you think 'British seaside food' but I don't like fish and 'twas a bit breezy out so we were all more than happy to head in here instead! The menu has some great sounding burgers, hotdogs, and other meaty goodies and there are some fun sounding food challenges too if you are feeling brave (though I'll warn you that there were a lot more pictures on their 'wall of shame' than on the 'wall of fame'!)

east coast kitchen scarborough

This was a real fun, friendly place to stop - and I love anywhere I can get my paws on a Root Beer Float - and I'd definitely recommend it if you are in Scarborough and want to nibble on something the seagulls can't pinch off you!

drinks for dessert

We didn't stick around for dessert though - ice cream on the beach is pretty much a prerequisite, no matter what the weather!

ice cream cone at seaside

As is building a sandcastle, of course. Though I'm not sure 'castle' is quite the right description for this,.. err,.. structure.

yokshire coast

We hit the kids club a little late again so missed some of the earlier entertainment but were in plenty of time for a spate of 'retro' party dances,... all of which I've never heard of. I must be pre-retro. (#GettinOld), young 'uns had plenty of fun though!

cupcakes with no weighing scales

After Saturday's late start I'd love to tell you that we were up and at 'em early on Sunday,... but if anything we were even more lazy chillaxed, as my daughter would say. The boys went off for a swim but Missy decided she'd rather stay in and bake. Quite the challenge with no weighing scale in the caravan but we had a fair old go at it nonetheless!

primrose valley dining

Once swimming, baking and packing was all completed I suggested heading off to stop somewhere fun on the way home but no one was in a rush to go anywhere so we toddled on over to the on site 'pub', the Mash and Barrel, for some food. I'm sure I had this Spicy Cajun Chicken Pasta last year but really liked it then so was happy to tuck in again! The menu had loads of choice - including kids meals - but I'm sure I saw someone in the restaurant have an Afternoon Tea cake stand delivered to their table so I really need to read more thoroughly next time to make sure I haven't missed any cakey options!
haven primrose valley playground

After we'd eaten it was too early to set off home, but too late to go anywhere else so we let the kids run riot on the play area for a bit - they had plenty of excess energy to burn off after our relaxed start to the day!

giant deckchair

primrose valley cliff

We had a really lovely time at Primrose Valley, but our trip did seem all too short. I think it was a combination of having a full week away on our last Haven holiday by comparison, and the late starts to the days that seemed to make the weekend fly but hopefully we'll get another adventure in soon!

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