7 April 2016

Degustabox - March 2016

I've been receiving Degustabox (a food subscription box) for a while now, and while March's wasn't necessarily my favourite ever (think that still goes to the most recent Christmas one!), it's the one I've completely finished off in the quickest time!

Here's what I've been munching on since it's arrival:

Can you believe Chewits have been around for 50 years now? It had been a while since I've had any but I went through countless packets of them when I was a kid. The best ones were always the fruit salad flavour ones, but it's been good getting reacquainted with the strawberry and blackcurrant ones!

I've had Kallo rice cakes before in a previous Degustabox, so I knew that the milk chocolate ones would be good (and they were!), but was a little more sceptical about the Quinoa & Seeds variety... would they be just a little toooo healthy?
I figured they were worth a try though, and since the packaging declared they were 'lovely with lashings of hummus', so I toddled on up to the co-up on my lunch break to purchase the recommended spread. How were they? Lovely with lashings of hummus!

I'll admit that it was my dad who actually cooked the Kents Kitchen Apricot, Apple and Ginger stuffing - he liked the look of it when I opened the box and I was gladly to offer it up in return for an invitation to Sunday dinner, where it went down a treat with the roast pork.

The Metcalfe' skinny popcorn has apparently 67% less sugar than other sweet popcorns on the market, but was still plenty sweet and hard to stop eating. Three to four servings in this packet, apparently. Oops.

Two products from Indian company Parle were included - chocolate chip biscuits Hide & Seek, and savoury crackers Monaco. The crackers were a little salty for me personally, but one of the guys in the office loved them and was more than happy to finish them off. The chocolate biscuits were much more my thing!

I'm pretty familiar with Pipers crisps, as they appear to be a bit of a pub favourite - and with good reason.

I'll be honest, I didn't much fancy the look of the Karyatis dip - so I made my brother go first! Once I'd seen his favourable reaction, I was much more willing to give this a go... I don't know what I was so scared of! I didn't love it, but the dip was tasy enough and I liked the rosemary crackers. I let little bro finish it all off though for his bravery!

There are few things in life better the freshly bakes flaky French pastries... and sadly these pains au chocolate from Brioche Pasquier are a way off the delicacies of my dreams - but its not a terrible approximation, all things considered, and are lot more convenient for taking on a picnic!

Where I have my doubts that something like an 'on the go breakfast drink' is any substitute for a real breakfast (even if it is produced by breakfast heroes Weetabix), they're undeniably handy for making sure I have a little something to start the day when I'm short on time for a proper sit down morning meal (which, to be fair, is most of the time!)

Oh the magical Lindt Bunny! Anyone that's had Lindt chocolate already knows how good it is, and anyone who hasn't couldn't possibly understand. I was very happy to see this 'lil cutie!

Oh heck, I've been lying to you! I haven't actually tried the Good Hemp dairy free milk-type-stuff. This was included as part of the Degustabox Discoveries range, but I put it straight in the fridge and I guess it was a case of 'out of sight, out of mind' until I saw this picture. 50% daily Omega 3 in each glass though, sounds like a great way of getting the good stuff into the kids!

A Degustabox subscription, one box a month containing tonnes of foodie goodies like these should cost you £12.99 a month (including delivery). That's not a bad price at all, and always significantly lower than the combined RRP of the products, but to get an even better deal, you can save a huuuge £6 off your first box by entering the code BLDEG15 at the checkout! You can find more information about the company, and place an order, here!

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