5 April 2016


A night of gambling and drinking.... Another post about my Las Vegas holiday? Nope - turns out I saved my most intense card playing sesh for my return!

I had two choices when I was invited to a charity poker night with Ladbrokes taking place a week or so after my return from the worlds gambling capital. I could head out to Vegas to get plenty of practice in, come home an expert and destroy my blogger opponents with my newfound skills and knowledge - - - or I could hang on and learn to play poker at an event that held no chance for me to become bankrupt and destitute.

I think I chose wisely (gamble responsibly, kids!)

The event took place at the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel in Leeds. I'd been here for a lovely afternoon tea a couple of months previously, and was happy to be back there for an informal drinks reception at their Sky Lounge before heading into the 'casino'.

I was thankfully not the only person at our table who had never played before, and out lovely dealer (from Casino Hire UK) was happy to patiently explain the process. Sadly, his gentle tutorage wasn't enough to save me from running out of chips very quickly but I can hardly blame the chap for that I suppose!

I guess when you have that many people in a room who have never played before - not everyone can have beginners luck!

Still, my lack of success meant I was free to wander - talk to the other 'losers', and check out the awesome city views from the Sky Lounge balcony.

While those who still had money to play with continued with their epic poker battle, a blackjack table was set up for those of us who had been so far less lucky. Blackjack, I figured, would be my game. I knew the rules, I understood the concept, I'd played before.

But of course it still took me no time at all to lose all my (fake) money!

Thankfully there were some winners on the night - the last (wo)man standing at the poker table (Bryony from Breakfast at Bryony's) won £500 for her charity of choice!

Despite my utter lack of luck/skill/whatever helps you actually do well at these things, I had a great time at the event. Everyone looked amazing, all dressed-up and sparkly in their Gatsby-inspired outfits and it was lots of fun playing without the pressure of losing real money (tight Yorkshire lass to the bone!)

Great big thanks to Search Labs for organising the event (and for providing all the photos you see here, as mine were universally terrible!)

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