25 April 2016

New York New York Hotel, Las Vegas

It's been soooo long now since I returned from Las Vegas and I've not written up half the posts that I had planned. I've been kept a wee bit busy recently with non-bloggy life stuff, but I couldn't completely go without sharing my awesome hotel (I took way too many pictures for that!)

There are so many hotels to choose from in Las Vegas, each with their own distinct personality and it makes sense to do some research before booking to choose the one that suits you best. I, of course, did no research before booking, because I'm rubbish - but thankfully it worked out pretty well for us!

We stayed for a week at the New York New York - I'm sure you can guess the theme... You really can't beat a good themed hotel! Our mini New York city had is own Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, skyscraper towers and a yellow-cab themed roller coaster.

First entering the hotel was also my first visit to a proper casino - I'm not exactly what you'd call a high-roller (you can read more about my failed poker experience here) but I was very excited by the bright shiny lights and the possibility of winning big!

I mainly stuck to the slot machines - I didn't want to embarrass myself at the tables with people who knew what they were doing when I clearly had no clue - but the hotel run free lessons on a couple of the games. We thought we'd keep it relatively simple and bobbed along to the blackjack lesson and armed with out newfound knowledge, imparted by a brilliantly funny and helpful dealer, had great fun losing money at it over the next few days!

The hotel, like many of the big resort hotels in Las Vegas, had plenty more to offer than gambling though. I loved walking round the mini Greenwich Village, filled with places to eat. We didn't get chance to make it to our hotel's theatre (showing Cirque Du Soilel's Zumanity) or the in-house Coyote Ugly, but did manage to work through a number of the bars and restaurants!

There were plenty of shopping opportunities without having to lead the building too - most of the gifts I brought home for folk were from the on-site Hershey's store (complete with massive Reese's section, I bought alllllllll the peanut buttery things!)

The New York New York hotel is connected to a couple of local hotels by these walkways. The connecting bridges not only mean that you are less likely to get run over, but provide some grand old views,..

... like the sunrise if you are up early enough...

... and the Strip all lit up at night once the sun has gone down again!

The Room

It's not often I'll go above the standard (cheapest) rooms a hotel has to offer - I'm a lass of simple needs. Generally, if I can sleep there I'm happy - but if there's one thing I really really like... It's a bloody massive bath.

That thing in the corner, about the size of the bed? That, ladies and gentlemen, is my spa bath. And it's my favourite thing ever.

I like a hot bath, and I mean a hot bath. If I don't emerge bright red and dizzy, it doesn't count. I was most impressed by how quickly I could fill this huge tub, and how hot the water got - it was magical! Waiting to fill my bath at home after we got back felt like waiting for paint to dry after this... and the bubbly spa jets were like magic after a long day of walking in the Nevada heat!

Despite my previous 'I-don't-need-anything-fancy' attitude to hotel rooms, the upgrade to the spa suite definitely added to the overall holiday experience - I felt very fancy!

Though the spa bath was obviously the star of the room, the rest of it was super too. It's tricky talking rooms in Las Vegas because I am aware there's some ridiculously swanky accommodation out there, but as I'm more used to dinky European hotel rooms and travelodges, I was pretty darn impressed!

The shower, like the spa bath, could have fit a small group of people, and the bed was huge (and very comfortable) too - and there was loads of room for all our stuff and for the Mr to do a bit of work while we were away too!


As with many of the big Las Vegas hotels, the food choices available at NYNY were many and varied. We could have probably eaten every meal at the hotel and never hit the same place twice! We of course didn't do this but we still managed to get round a fair few of the food and drink spots where we were staying.

Our first meal on getting settled was at America, for no reason other than it was the first place we came across. I loved the massive map of the United States suspended from the ceiling! This was also the sport for the start of my Las Vegas drinking - I kicked of proceedings with a very refreshing boozy Raspberry Lemonade.

The menu was huge, and it would have been hard to narrow it down if it wasn't for a convenient sign on the table offering a limited number of lunch specials, illustrated with a photograph of the spaghetti and meatballs option - and straight away I knew what I wanted!
The meatballs were huge, delicious, and filled with cheese! And they were accompanied by more spaghetti than I could eat.... and I can eat a lot of spaghetti! I was even too full for dessert! It wasn't the most refined dining experience of the trip but was perfect for a pair of tired, hungry new arrivals!

The entrance to the restaurant also had a very impressive array of donuts - I didn't get to work my way through as many as I'd have liked but did call in at one point for a 'cronut' as a to-go breakfast one morning when we were heading out early. A cronut. for the uninitiated, is somewhere between a doughnut and a croissant (making it a definite legitimate breakfast thing and not an excuse for sugary treats!), and is as awesome as it is messy!

We'd been told on check-in that hotel guests could get a 2-for-1 breakfast at Il Fornaio, and I'm never one to turn down such a good deal so we popped along just in time for opening early one morning!

It was a really nice place, but the two standout features were our waiter - such a charmer! - and the toast they brought to the table. It may seem a little strange to get so excited about toast, but only if you've never eaten this stuff!

The Mr ordered himself a nice coked breakfast, complete with the tastiest Italian sausage (well of course I had to try a nibble!), but I always appreciate the opportunity to have something that should be a dessert for my main meal, and opted for this huge waffle, topped with cream, fruit and maple syrup - so indulgent, so delicious!

We loved the look of Nine Fine Irishmen, our 'local' Irish pub, but sadly never got the opportunity to eat here (next time!) - though we did call in for a drink! As it was a nice day we sat outside with our beverages, but a quick walk through the pub revealed it to be a faux Celtic delight, replete with Irish music, traditional decoration, and a vast whiskey selection.

The outside bar was a much less obviously themed affair, but was nonetheless a grand place to sit and sip on a (appropriately Irish, Bailey's-filled) cocktail!

I honestly couldn't have been happier with our choice of hotel on this trip - not as fancy as some of the other options but comfortable, clean and fun, full of options, and not too stressful on the old budget either (oh how I wish that wasn't a concern!) I'd definitely recommend it, and I'd go back again in a heartbeat! You're still never gonna get me on that roller coaster though....!

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  1. I photographed a fundraising conference here recently. What a wonderful place for photos. I almost always hate being anywhere at 6am, but this breakfast event proved an exception. The manger and his staff at LA venue were extremely professional.


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