10 April 2016

Yo Sushi

I'm always really excited to see what new designs the talented folk at Vendula London have come up with for their beautiful bags, having fallen head over heels for a number of their previous releases (most recently the cosy-looking pub-in-bag-form The George).
So imagine my glee when I discovered that the new Spring/Summer releases included a delicious chocolatier shop front, complete with tiny chocolate treats, and a gorgeous tea-party range that couldn't be more perfect for me.

Then imagine the surprise I felt in myself that my favourite amongst these new collections was neither of these sweet-inspired delights, but this carry-able ode to sushi.

I like chocolate. I like tea parties. I really dislike sushi. I refuse to believe anyone truly likes sushi, and they just say they do to sound cool and open minded, because its just awful. But then, I don't even liked cooked fish - not even of the battered chippy variety. But I digress (as usual)...

Because I DO really like this bag! I don't like sushi, but I love the little kitties, and the way the signs hang down, and the traditional Japanese screen panels, and the teeny paw prints.... In short, I love all the fantastic details I have come to expect from the Vendula bags.

I do appreciate their practicability as well as their aesthetics - this one has a long detachable shoulder strap as well as the sturdy handles, and so many pockets even I should be able to organise my contents!
I've found that these work just as well as conversation-starters as they do handbags too - I don't think I've ever taken one out for the day without someone complimenting it or asking where I got it from. I know that several of the wives, girlfriends and sisters of my work colleagues have been recently adorned with Vendula products as I've been showing them off and singing their praises round the office!

Wondering about the beach scenes? I figured that I couldn't take my new bag to a sushi restaurant - as I've already discussed my stance on that most dubious of foodstuff - so I figured I'd take it to the source of fishy things, the sea. It was a tenuous link at best, and I'm sure most of the delicacies you'd find at a good sushi eatery don't come from Scarborough, but you can follow my thought process, right? And we got some great sea-side ice cream, so woo!

* Item provided free of charge to a very grateful blogger!

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