9 May 2016

Degustabox April 2016

Another month sees another delivery from food subscription box heroes, Degustabox. If you aren't already familiar with the company, a Degustabox subscription means that a box of food items (ten or more, made up of unfamiliar brands or new/limited edition releases from established brands) turns up on your doorstep once a month - who wouldn't want that?

And if you want to know what a typical box might contain... here's what I got in my most recent arrival!

Candarel Sugarly (RRP £3.00) I have the vaguest memories of my mum occasionally using sweetner in her coffee instead of sugar,.. either in the form of a little tablet or some sort of powdery substance. Since I've never had sugar in my hot drinks I just figured sweetners weren't for me - but this one looks, tastes and acts like real sugar so I can use it baking for lower calorie baked treats (which means I get to top said cakes with extra chocolate/icing/whatever!)

Thor Dry Apple Spritz (RRP £1.80 each) The drinks are often my favourite parts of these boxes, and this month has proved no exception - I loved these tasty and refreshing apple drinks, especially the ginger one! It's the sort of thing just made for sunny days, and would be the prefect drink for lazy beer-garden afternoons when I'm fulfilling my role as designated driver so can't hit the booze.

Levi Roots Coat 'n Cook Sauce (RRP £1.00) I'll admit that I've sadly not tried this yet - not through lack of enthusiasm, but the sad demise of my long-suffering washing machine means my kitchen isn't currently in the best state for cooking! I've been informed by my cousin that the sauces (available in three flavours) are great though and I can't wait to try it once I'm organised!

Popchips (RRP £1.99) Since no cooking was necessary for the popchips, I wanted no time in getting stuck in! I'm quite keen on popchips anyway, so was definitely intrigued by the new limited edition flavours (sea salt, garlic and rosemary, or sea salt caramalised onion and thyme). These are quite unusual but pretty darn good!

Rejuvenation Water (RRP £1.99) I did have high hopes for this as I enjoyed the apple and mint Thor drink so much, but sadly wasn't as keen on this one. It was just that little bit too minty to the point it felt a bit like I was drinking mouthwash (sorry!). Rejuvenation water is supposed to be great for you though - it's enriched with amino acids that fuel the immune system and build a natural resilience to stress, depression and anxiety - so I'd love to try their other flavours. It's also available in ginger & lime, and Spanish orange.

Veetee Microwavable Rice (RRP £1.29-£1.49) Despite these not needing a lot of time/space/effort to cook, I've been saving them for when I get to crack out my Levi Roots sauce. We've used the rice before though and it's perfect for lazy cooks like me, looking forward to trying the Quinoa blend!

Milkybar (RRP £1.00) and Smarties (RRP £1.29) Chocolate. I've tried chocolate from world-renowned premium brands, and from artisan chocolatiers in Belgium, and still, Milkybar remains one of my favourites! The little Milk & Crunchy bars perfect for a little treat!

Bebeto Fruit Strings (RRP £1.99) If you've read a few of my Degustabox write ups before, you may have noticed a trend. It seems that whenever I receive one of these healthy, fruity type snacks, my response is usually 'oh the kids will love these', whereas the less healthy goodies, like the Milkybar chocolate above always get a 'I ate all this and loved it'. Oops. But still, the kids DO love these fruit strings!

Parle Biscuits (RRP 25p) and Rusks (RRP 89p) The Parle G biscuits are like a slightly less sweet version of 'cow biscuits' (is that their actual name? You know what I mean though, right?) I was hopeful for the rusks as I recall nibbling on a fair few of the baby-biscuits when my young 'uns were tiny - but these were not quite what I was hoping for! They're enriched with Cardamom and I liked the flavour but they were so dry that they just weren't fun to eat,..

Green Lady Sparking Tea (RRP £1.99) It's no secret that I like tea, but for me it usually comes hot. I was intrigued by this cold sparking tea though, if for no other reason that it might be a more enjoyable way to get some green tea in me (it's not usually my favourite!) This was really lovely - definitely my favourite 'healthy' drink, and I love the branding too - thumbs up!

If you want to get your hands on a delicious box of new goodies to try, there's no better time as at the minute you can get a whopping £6 off your first box with the code BLDEG15. This means your first box will only set you back £6.99 including delivery - a great price for all those treats!

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