7 June 2016

Degustabox May 2016

It's Degustabox time again! This subscription food boxes always causes such a stir when it arrives in the office, and keeps us happy and sustained through the month.

The healthy snacks that is - any and all chocolate comes home with me of course!

Here are all the goodies contained within the scrumptious May box!

Jack Daniel's Tenessee Honey Barbecue Glaze (RRP £1.99) - This was the item that caused most excitement when I opened the box in front of my meat-loving colleagues. Perfect now that barbecue weather seems to be upon us! (For now at least!)

Garafalo Fusilli Bucati Pasta (RRP £1.99) - We are big pasta eaters in my house so it's always nice to have more of the good stuff come our way - I love how twisty this is!

Cranes (RRP £1.90) - These refreshing, sparkling cranberry based drinks are lovely just out of the fridge on a hot day!

Kallo Milk Chocolate Corn Cakes (RRP £1.29) and Yoghurt Topped Rice Cakes (RRP £1.69) - We've had similar products from Kallo in recent boxes and I love them! Anything with chocolate on is on course my favourite and I think the corn cakes might be even nicer then the rice cakes (they taste like chocolate-covered popcorn!)

Brioche Pasquier Croissants (RRP £1.80) - These pre-packaged croissants are obviously a far cry from freshly baked ones, but they're still pretty grand in their own right - soft and sweet and the kids LOVE them!

Get Fruity Bar (RRP £1.00) - I always feel like it's almost a waste sending me products like this - not because I enjoy them, but the Get Fruity bars are vegan, gluten free, produced on a nut-free site ... and I always feel like by eating them I'm denying them who needs their snacks to be one of, or all of those things. But, they're also dead tasty so I'll keep at it!

Beloved Date Nectar (RRP £3.50) - this is a vegan-friendly substitute for honey made entirely from dates. The young 'uns have been enjoying it their porridge but should be equally great for sweetening tea or using in baking.

The Wonderful Company Pistachios and Almonds (RRP £0.90 each) - that's a heck of a confident name for a company! The nuts are sun-ripened at their California orchards, and are great for snacking - especially the pistachios, yum!

Pech-Keks Misfortune Cookies (RRP 2 for £1.00) - I was definitely intrigued by these unusual looking items! They're like if fortune cookies had been re-imagined by Tim Burton in a bad mood - thought to be fair I liked my 'mis-fortune', Id love to be able to go back to bed! They certainly don't look appealing to eat but were surprisingly sweet and tasty!

The Wonderful Company Pomegreat (RRP £1.49) - I loved pomegranates when I was a kid - I remember spending hours eating them, plucking out individual seeds with a needle (that IS the only way to eat them, right?) This is a much simpler way to get that juicy sweet pomegranate taste!

Mrs Crimbles Madeleines (RRP £2.50) - These, being the most cake-like product in the box, were the first I opened. In fact, Mr Carl Baker from A Blokes Eye View was more than happy to help taste test these, and we both agreed that they go down a treat with a nice cuppa. The chocolate ones have a gooey chocolate filling, they sound super!

So how do you get your hands on one of these awesome food boxes of your very own, I hear you cry! Simple - register online here and don't forget to enter the code BLDEG15 for a huge £6 discount off your first box!

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  1. I keep saying I need to get myself into this but nope, still haven't. It is 100% a subscription box I could get used to having land at my door every month x


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