3 July 2016

Eastern Afternoon Tea at Creams, Leeds

As much as I love Afternoon Tea (and I really really do!), there's one often-included element that I could usually do without - those bloody salmon sandwiches!

I understand that a lot of people like smoked salmon, that it's an integral part of the indulgent treat that is Afternoon Tea. But it's just not very nice.

So it's a real joy to come across an afternoon tea with alternative savory offerings - where I don't have to awkwardly ask to keep that slimy nonsense off my plate, or to cover the offending article with my napkin so as to disguise the fact that I'm a complete food philistine.

This was the joy I felt when I discovered Creams in Leeds, and their three different Afternoon Tea menus - two of which have not the slightest mention of smoked salmon anywhere!

They do of course offer a  'British Afternoon Tea', which comes with the obligatory salmon alongside other traditional sandwich fillings, fruit scone and selection of cakes. This option was the one favoured by my dining companion (the delightful Jess of Jessica In Your Ear, seriously this girl is one of the very best!)  who doesn't share my aversion for fishy things.

I on the other hand was torn between a couple of more exotic options. I was very much interested in the Arabian Afternoon Tea - lemon pepper chicken salad or falafel and halloumi salad taking the place of the expected sandwiches; hummus, olives and pita bread where you'd usually find scone, but still with the usual patisserie selection.

It was the Eastern Afternoon Tea I finally settled on though. I liked the sound of the chicken tandoori naanwich much more that horrible salmon! The naanwich - which is also available with a kebab or falafel and halloumi filling - was a grand toastie-type thing. Not your typical classy afternoon fare, but pretty darn tasty!

Next up was the served-hot vegetable samosa. Crispy on the outside, just the right level of spice, and served with a lovely chilli sauce - a great savoury addition!

I did think I'd miss having a jam-and-cream topped scone wth my Afternoon Tea, but by the time I'd worked through the provided cakes I think I was all done for sweet things! Alongside my bite-size profiterole and delicate macaron was a whopping slice of red velvet cake. I swapped half my cake for half a slice of Jessica's very chocolatey slice. Variety is the spice of life and all that, plus a full slice of the chocolatey one could very well kill a man.

All in all, it's a bit of an odd place. The beautifully sophisticated interior seems at odds with the plastic menus and the option to order chips with your afternoon tea (which I absolutely did, by the way). Essentially though, they brought me a three-tiered stand of food that I really enjoyed eating, and a massive pot of tea, so I'm a very happy customer!

Creams can be found at The Core Shopping Centre in Leeds, where each of the Afternoon Tea menus can be found for £14.95 for one, and are available alongside a wide selection of other tasty treats!


  1. What a difference of an afternoon tea!! I wouldn't mind trying that myself...but I'd need a scone adding for afters xx

  2. Naanwich might be my new favourite idea in the world. Can't wait to try one one day.

  3. I saw that red velvet in the top picture and fell in love. Very envious of this!


  4. The food looks absolutely amazing! I love the idea of the nanwich, kind of reminds me a little of a quesadilla haha!
    xo April | April Everyday

  5. This sounds so good! It's always nice to get something different on an afternoon tea. I hate salmon sandwiches too! :( xo


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