11 September 2016

Cirque Du Soleil - Amaluna in Manchester

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to spend some time in Las Vegas - city of 24-hour gambling, all-day drinking, ill-thought out weddings, hotels that have their own rollercoasters,.. and of course a serious roster of world-class shows. When planning our show schedule for the week, we of course wanted to include on the Cirque Du Soleil shows as I'd heard so much about how great they were and I never expected to get to see one closer to home.

Just goes to show what I know though, because until the 9th October you can watch Amaluna at their special big top tent just next to the Trafford Centre in Manchester!

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to see the show on its opening night, and I had my mind absolutely blown by some of the amazing things acts in Amaluna.

As a person that's never been able to do so much as a cartwheel, anyone that has full control over their body always amazes me - but the THINGS THESE PEOPLE CAN DO WITH THEIR BODIES! Seriously, I can't begin to explain it. You really need to see it yourself!

Narrative isn't the main thing you'd go to the circus for, but I liked that this one did have one - loosely based on The Tempest, we see Miranda's love story play out against a background of jugglers, acrobats and contortionists. I was happy to go along and see some amazing things, but having characters to root for really did make me so much more emotionally invested - I'm a big softie at heart and always appreciate a good love story!

The show was genuinely beautiful to behold - not just the fancy flying about, but the wonderful costumes, sets, lighting,.. everything worked together so wonderfully to transport an eager audience to the mysterious island.

I wouldn't like to play favourites, as everyone involved in the show is amazingly talented, but the water scenes in particular were absolutely mesmerizing!

I even preferred this show to the one we saw in Las Vegas. It may have just been show-fatigue, or the lingering remnants of jetlag, and I did really enjoy Zarkana, but Amaluna just completely enchanted me.

Amaluna is on at Manchester until the 9th October, and will be in London early next year - and is definitely worth seeing if you can!

* Tickets were provided, as were the photos from the show as it's strictly no photography/video during the performance!


  1. I'm so jealous and would love to go and see this!!!


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