4 October 2016

Paris, Day Two - The Louvre

After a fairly relaxed day of getting to Paris and settling into our accommodation, it was time to crack on with some of the bigger 'challenges' of the trip: getting all four kids around the city on the Metro without losing any of them, and keeping them all entertained in the world's largest museum.

Not before a good breakfast though, of course - continental breakfast was included in price we paid for our hostel accommodation, and there's nothing like a pile of baked goods with jam to start you off for the day!

When everyone had eaten their fill, it was time to tackle the metro! The adults on the trip (that's me and my brother) had used the underground transport system plenty before on previous trips so were confident we could get us about without too much trauma - the colour-coded system is a piece of cake to navigate. We were more concerned about getting everyone on and off all in one group!

One ticket will get you to any stop, we saved on tickets by buying them in bundles of ten. We even managed to keep track of all the kids (even on the couple of really busy trains later in the day!) who loved zipping around underneath the city!

The main reason for trip to Paris was that my nephew Corey (in the middle down there!) has been learning all about it at school. Visiting the Louvre was one of his top priorities on the holiday!

Entrance to the museum is free for those under 18, so it only ended up costing thirty euros for the six of us to get in - all those priceless artefacts and works of art for significantly less than it would have cost for us all to go to the cinema!

Due to some inexpert map reading, we did seem to get a little stuck in the French Sculpture section. These wonderful big open airy rooms full of magnificent statues really were awe inspiring though - if you are going to get stuck anywhere this was not a bad place to be!

It was also a great spot to play a (obviously quiet, well-behaved) game of hide and seek! (Though one of our party was a little too good at it, I genuinely thought we'd lost Harry for good a couple of times!)

The kids were really impressed with some of the things they saw, especially the giant sculptures in the 'Near Eastern Antiquities' section of the museum.

For them though, the main thing they wanted to see was of course the museum's most famous resident, the lovely Mona Lisa. We wound our way to the famous lady, through halls and halls of incredible artworks. There's really nothing scarier than medieval religious paintings!

I know a lot of people go specifically for this one painting but I would definitely recommend at least glancing at some of the other exhibitions on the way through or you'll miss some truly spectacular visions - and make sure you look up! Some of the paintings on the ceilings are

The Mona Lisa itself is a famously small painting, surrounded by crowds. There were a lot of people around! A bit of patience though and the kids managed to get through to the front of the barrier (in between the hordes of people trying to take a selfie with the painting!) to get a good look!

At that point we'd been in the museum for around four hours, so we figured it was time to head out for some fresh air, sunshine, and food. (It did still take us a good 20 minutes to get out, this place is huge, but plenty more to see on our way to the exit!)

An ice cream was a well-deserved treat for all the hard work art-appreciation we'd been doing, and a walk through the beautiful Jardin De Tuileries (with a playground stop off) was a lovely way to finish the expedition before heading back to the hostel for well needed showering-and-chilling time.

The rest of the day was spent running round the kids favourite holiday spot, the park next to the hostel. We'd spotted a local pizza place on our wanderings on the previous day, so all headed to 'Pizza Time' for tea for delicious pizza (even if a couple of menu-translation issues meant we didn't all get exactly the pizza toppings we were expecting!)

It was a long, hot day - but a great one, filled with incredible sights, good food and some of my favourite people!

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  1. The Louvre is actually one of the few things I missed out on seeing when I was in Paris - very jealous.



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