30 November 2016

Four Things to do in Bustling Jakarta - Guest Post

I think for years I've been getting holidays wrong. I, like many people, tend to take my main sunshiny holiday in the summer- but despite it's reputation the British summer really isn't that bad. I even managed to get sunburnt on our family holiday to Scotland last year, despite people warning me to pack my wellies. Nope, it's definitely this time of year - when you have to wear seven layers of clothing to keep the blood circulating to your extremities, when your car is frozen in the morning on the inside as well as the outside, when you can go an entire day without even seeing daylight -
THIS is the time we should be booking exotic holidays to far-flung destinations!

With this revelation in mind, and because it's what I always do anyway, I've been daydreaming about that next trip. And as if I needed tempting further into booking something, today I have a guest poster making me crave a trip to one of Indonesia's most exciting cities!

Jakarta Cathedral - Picture Credit: Wanderwithjo.com

Four things to do in bustling Jakarta

Jakarta, the vibrant capital of Indonesia, is a very popular Asian tourist destination. It may not be as popular as Bali, but really holds its own in the unique type of attractions it has. From historical to cultural, the city showcases a diverse ethnic character which cannot be replicated elsewhere. Traffic and pollution notwithstanding, Jakarta is considered to be one of the safest cities of South East Asia, which cannot be said of its other erstwhile counterparts like Bangkok or Beijing. If you plan to have a good time here, check out these four bucket list attractions, to make your stay in Jakarta all that more memorable.

1) Kota Tua/Old Batavia

The centre of business during the Dutch colonial era, Kota Tua or Tropical Amsterdam as it is fondly known as, is an important historical place to visit. With an impressive array of well preserved Dutch buildings and museums, it is easy to understand why. There are so many attractions in this city, each unique in their own way, that it becomes difficult to decide that which is the best. To start with, we have the beautiful  Diamond city wooden bridge, linking Old Batavia with a canal. The famous CafĂ© Batavia, with its antique Dutch influence is a must visit site. The Museum of Bank Indonesia, with the breathtaking architecture and housing a horde of informative material is strongly recommended too.

Bhairawa Statue at the National Museum - Picture Credit: wanderwithjo.com

2) Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

The best place to experience the culture and history of the entire country in one place is here. Located east of Jakarta, everything about the diverseness of Indonesia, from one corner of Aceh to the other end of Sulawesi, be it through architecture, clothes, dance, food etc is displayed here. A cable car ride in TMII offers a rewarding scenery of the miniature Indonesia park. An activity for the full family, a four hour guided tour offers a captivating account of the over 17,000 islands and more than 300 ethnic groups, which comprise the country.

3) National monument area

Probably the best place to start your tour to Jakarta is from the 137 m high National monument area. Commissioned to celebrate the independence of Indonesia, the views from the top are quite magical, with the solid gold foil at the top glistening in the sky. The basement too, provides an insight of the history of the diverse Republic. Just across the street is the National Museum, which houses exhibits from all over the country. The Presidential Palace also borders the museum as does the Istiqlal mosque and National Cathedral across the road.

Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta - Picture Credit: www.wanderwithjo.com

4) Ancol dreamland

Established in 1996, Ancol is a great tourist destination in north Jakarta. One of the largest recreation parks in Indonesia, Ancol dreamland consists of hotels, golf courses, nightclubs, swimming pools apart from the famous theme park, Fantasy world. The park has more than 40 rides to choose from. Other attractions here include, Sea world, Atlantis water adventure and Pasar seni, an art market, where products are available for sale. There are two beaches here, within the resort, namely Carnival beach and Festival beach.

I could definitely thing of worse ways to spend my time! I've already found myself on http://www.traveloka.com, checking out places to stay (Hotel Mulia works for me), and comparing flights (I can even get there from local Leeds Bradford,.. not directly, but still!) .... despite having no holiday allowance left at work and no money for nice trips! Still, we can but dream... (dream,.. and plan,.. and save!)

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