10 November 2016

Love Stories and Fairy Tales

I love books. Proper proper love books. Its not really something I've talked about much on the blog, actually, but it's always been there - my first love. You literally can't get into my bedroom properly for the piles of them (I ran out of shelf-space years ago!) I've spent hours and hours down at Bradford's stunning Waterstones branch. There are books I have numerous copies of just because I kept seeing different versions that were just too beautiful. I did a second degree in English Literature 'just for fun', and started my MA in Children's literature for the same reason.

What you may be more aware of from reading these pages, is that I also love really love cool handbags. I have a particular fondness for the Vendula London unique bags, and the latest in my collection is a wonderful way to bridge the gap between these two passions in my life!

This beautiful creation of from their Vendula Downton range, an amazingly autumnal bunch of bags in rich purples and opulent blacks, with majestic metallics, warm woollen fabrics and the same impressive attention to detail that first warmed me to the brand.

I thought my 'Love Stories' book bag would be the perfect thing to accompany be to the beautiful fairy-tale city of Prague recently.

Though I'm usually a fan of Vendula's bigger bags (what can I say, I carry around a lot of stuff!), I thought it was about time I introduced something a little more dainty into my collection. The smaller dimensions of this Book Cover Clutch Bag give me just enough room to carry the essentials (phone, purse, keys and, in the case of the holiday, passports and boarding passes fit in just fine), meaning I had to pass bulkier items to my companion to carry - I should have tried this years ago!

The clasp is sturdy enough that there should be no danger of it coming open, as long as you make sure it's closed properly (I'm carless and once or twice left things sticking out at the side - make sure everything is tucked in properly and you should be a-ok!). It's sold as a clutch bag but does come with a detachable strap if you prefer to carry it that way. As I said, I'm careless - anything I have to be trusted to remember to pick up and look after is not good for me, but string it over my shoulder and I'm good to go!

It's hard to say this is my 'favourite' of my Vendula bags, as I love them all, but this one is different to all the others I own. It feels a little more personal, in a way, and the colour is the stuff dreams are made of!

I can't help but be reminded that Christmas isn't too far away, and this would make a perfect present for any book lover - but I'm pretty sure you could find something on the Vendula site to suit most people. I know a lot of ladies that would be thrilled to wake up to one of these on Christmas morning!

* Bag provided free of charge in return for review but my opinion is my own, and I straight-up love it!

** Don't be fooled by the apparent solitude on Charles Bridge - we had to get up pretty early to find it not full of people! Still beautiful when busy though!

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  1. What an excellent selection of bags Vendula have!
    I really like the "pub" one but this might be even better :)


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