27 November 2016

Bettys Cafe, Northallerton

Something occurred to me yesterday morning. In an early morning, pre-breakfast conversation about favourite Bettys sites (as you do) I suddenly realised I'd still not been to their Northallerton café. So then we had a plan for the day!

It was a bit of a trek to answer some cake-cravings, but Bettys is always worth it! As soon as we were settled at out table and had my pot of their lovely China Rose Tea in front of me, I knew all the problems and stresses of the last couple of weeks would soon melt away.

For once though, I made the unexpected choice to not order myself the Afternoon Tea! There are few things finer than afternoon tea at Bettys, but a quick perusal of the menu before we set off had left me day-dreaming about the dessert list, and not even I could justify an extra dessert after eating what I essentially a big pile of cake.

I figured I should make a show of pretending not to be a sugar-obsessed child, and actually eat some 'proper' food before indulging in my dream dessert, so settled on the Yorkshire Rarebit (with added bacon, obv). Of course, I doubt that my stack of cheesy bacon was any healthier than my intended dessert, but it was no less tasty either ---- mmmmm, all that cheese!

It was the promise the of the treacle tart that had enticed me all the way up to Northallerton though... the thought of the warm, gooey treacle Genoese, sweet toffee sauce and creamy vanilla ice cream had meant my expectations were high when the plate was sat in front of me! This was every bit as delicious as I could have hoped!

So delicious, in fact, that I didn't even miss my Afternoon Tea... but at the same time it would have been a shame to not take full advantage of being at Bettys, so I made sure I took enough stuff home from the shop to replicate that afternoon tea experience!

(Though my poor little one-eyed fat rascal didn't make it to this afternoon, be was devoured with a hot cup of tea this morning, and he was delicious!)


  1. Hope you enjoyed Northallerton Betty's! It's my fave of the ones I've been to so far :) xo


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