16 November 2016

Where a Smile Meets a Giggle...

My kids are growing up. Behind us are the times when I was the primary source of new information in their lives, where I introduced them to new things and experiences I thought they'd like. These days it's much more likely for them to tell me (their old and out of touch mum) about the new cool things that are making up the playground talk.

Some of these things, I'll never understand (being, of course, old and out of touch). I'll never really understand the point of 'dab', or the endless fascination with bottle flipping. But, some things even an ancient crone like me can get on board with.

One such occasion came a month or two ago, wandering round the Bradford Broadway shopping centre, when the kids stopped in front of the brightest shop I'd ever seen and asked if they could look round Smiggle. 'Please mum', came the cries, 'it's where a smile meets a giggle!' How could I say no to such a well-ingrained marketing slogan?

Skip ahead a couple of weeks and I find myself attending the Smiggle Christmas Party in their Leeds Trinity store. Who's cool now, kids?!

As a self-confessed stationary enthusiast, Smiggle is a dreamland! Everything is bright and cheerful, beautifully displayed, and cute as a button! Not to mention a tonne of the stuff is scented - I haven't wandered round a shop sniffing everything like this since I first discovered Lush!

Now, a lot of the stuff in Smiggle is clearly aimed at kids. And kids absolutely love it. But that definitely doesn't mean that it's not perfect for adults too! I definitely had my eyes on a few bits for myself, as well as getting loads of Christmas ideas for the youngsters!

And speaking of Christmas, the Smiggle advent calendar is AMAZING! The £28 calendar has £38 worth of exclusive goodies, and a chance at finding one of 25 vouchers for a £250 spend in store!

I spent a lovely morning playing with toys and figuring out which pencil cases would make the best handbags, and the wonderful folk at Smiggle even sent me away with an awesome goodie bag of treats for the young ones (which I only briefly considered keeping for myself!), but I'm pretty sure I'll be back in again before the end of December!

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  1. My girls love Smiggle. I do too...My girls would buy one of everything given the chance. lol x


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