28 December 2016

2017's Travel Plans - A whole news years worth of holiday allowance!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Mine was just lovely, and I'm currently loving the fact that I don't have to be back at work 'til the New Year. I have nothing to do for days and days but watch Cartoon Network and eat my way through all the Christmas chocolates - bliss!

It's rare I have time off at home, as I usually spend my bookable work holiday days away from home if possible - and now I have a whole new years worth of holiday allowance to use up in 2017!

Sadly, I seem to have allocated a lot of it already, but I do have a few fun things lined up next year:

Just a month into 2017, we're off to Iceland for a few days. It'll be my third visit and I'm so excited, it's one of my favourite places! We are going to forgo some of the biggest attractions this time round - so no Blue Lagoon and no Golden Circle, as we've done them already, and instead try to find some new fun things to do!

For our family Summer holiday, we are heading back off to Scotland. Despite my initial misgivings about Scotland as a holiday destination, we had a wonderful time in 2016 and it was everyone's top choice for 2017. We'll be staying in one of the lovely Sykes Cottages again, but are heading to a different area (an even longer drive!). We promised the little miss that we would definitely visit Loch Ness on this trip so she can go monster hunting! I'm tempted to take a couple of days either side of the booked week to work our way up the country slowly, building in time for a few extra stop offs and break up the driving a little!

I've visited, and loved, a number of big bustling capital cities across Europe - but for some reason London has never really appealed to me. However, I did manage to book a couple of precious tickets for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child later in the year, so will be heading down to the big bad city to get my nerd on. I figured since I have to be in London anyway, I should give it a fair chance to win me over, so I'll stay a couple of days and play tourist!

At some point I'll definitely try to squeeze in a little visit to Bruges. The P&O Ferries Minicruises, if booked at the right time, can be too cheap to say no to - especially when there's all that great chocolate and beer to be had!

Does it see like there's something missing here to you? I've got action and adventure, the great outdoors, cultural city breaks and the best hot chocolate in the world - what I don't have is relaxing in the sun. I think I have just enough allowance left to squeeze in a nice warm sunshine holiday! (Greedy, aren't I?!) I'll admit that until the last couple of years this sort of lying-in-the-sun-not-doing-much sort of holiday didn't appeal much, and maybe it's my age, maybe its because its winter, but not much sounds more appealing at the minute! But where to? I'd love to hear your top holiday destination recommendations!


  1. Kel.. There's definitely doesn't seem to be much relaxing there at all! lol
    But seems very jam packed! I'm so jealous! - Scotland is high on my list. I'm hopeful that we can make a stop off/visit/drive up/completely the other direction to Edinburgh the week before we hit Center Parcs, Penrith in April. The hubby and cost of fuel is against me though..
    Would you recommend Skye Cottages? I was looking at them for a trip to Norfolk..

    Here's to a fab 2017 for you! :)


  2. Iceland sounds so exciting! I have never been but it has been on my To-Visit list for such a long time! I am sure you'll find plenty of things to do even though it is your first visit.

    I think Scotland sounds like a great trip idea. I have big plans to head there once my Husband has finished his PhD. But we have a while to wait for that. I love the idea of taking a few extra days to enjoy the travel too, I would definitely do that. I can never resist sneaking in a few extra holiday days haha!

    You've got some awesome plans for the year, and it makes me want to sit down and make some plans of my own! I'm going for a lot of camping and cycling, but I haven't decided where yet.

  3. I need to go to Iceland! It's up there with my top places to go, I'm so jealous!! x

    Charlie | www.ablogbycharlie.co.uk

  4. Loved reading this post, there's nothing more exciting than planning trips and adventures! Scotland is somewhere I'm hoping I can properly visit this year, as I've only ever been across the border so far, but I live a lot closer so it seems silly that I haven't explore it further. Bruges is somewhere I really want to go, all of the photos I've seen of it look stunning, and of course Iceland is somewhere I've always wanted to go - I want to see the volcanoes! :D Happy New Year! - Tasha


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