5 December 2016

Bon Prix on the Rocks

Christmas is definitely the season for sparkly dresses and pretty cocktails. After all, you need something to get you through the stress of trying to get everything else done in time! Luckily, the wonderful folk over at Bon Prix knew just how to get us feeling festive, by helping a bunch of lucky bloggers out with these two important factors with their fabulous Bon Prix on the Rocks event.

Yup, firstly not only did we get to pick out very own cocktail dress from their brilliant range of party dresses, we then got to wear said dress at a very exclusive (and fun!) cocktail masterclass. Pretty awesome, right?

The opportunity to get all dressed up for a night out doesn't come my way very often so I felt a little overdressed for the dreary afternoon train ride over to Leeds, but the sumptuous venue definitely justified the fancy frocks! We had not just one luxurious room at the Malmaison, but two - one for cocktail making one for chilling out between mixing!

With quite a healthy amount of bloggers in attendance, you'd have thought the chances of a couple picking the same dress were quite high, but miraculously everyone had chosen differently, covering a wide range of dress styles. With one exception. Me. Because I'm awkward.

Thankfully no one seemed to notice that Natasha and I had turned up in the same dress. The slightly different colour choice helped, as did Natasha's cardigan ..... and distracting people by getting Jess to stand in between us probably helped too!

(Though standing next to Jess with her ultra shiny hair only highlight what a fluffy debacle mine is! I don't know whether to invest in some god conditioner or just splash out hair extensions!)

It was great to see the dresses on everyone - a couple that I'd not looked at twice while scrolling the website looked amazing when worn, they really came to life in person - but I was more than happy to move on to cocktail making!

We were fully instructed on how to make two delicious and boozy Bon Prix exclusive cocktails - the gin-based mojito-style Sassy Sapphire, and the Cosmopolitan-inspired Pretty In Pink Frocktail. I was of course excellent at this.

That might not be true btw. But they still tasted grand!  Plus, we were sent away with booze-filled goodie bags so I can practice my cocktail-making at home so I can really impress folk when I'm Christmas entertaining!

Big thanks to Bon Prix for providing us all with a wonderful range of dresses and a great excuse to get together - you can read the event from their side here! Even more big thanks to Search Labs (and especially Jennie!) for always putting on the best events, and for having the foresight to take along a photographer, who I have shamelessly stolen from throughout this post!


  1. Aw I was so sad to not be able to attend this at the last minute.. :( I had my dress and everything.. :(
    You all looked fabulous! and it looked like so much fun. xxx


  2. I'm so sad I missed this! I was working so couldnt come. I've not seen you or Simone in ages!

    Corinne x


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