18 December 2016

Festive Afternoon Tea at the Victoria Hotel, Bradford

There's always so much to do before Christmas that it can be hard to find time in December for optional extras - but as a wise man once said 'Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it'. And just like that, I had an excuse for Afternoon Tea!

We just called into Bradford's Victoria Hotel, as it wouldn't be too disruptive to out Christmas shopping due to it's handy location right in the city centre. I've been in before for their regular, non-festive afternoon tea, so I reckoned it'd be a pretty safe bet.

We were led toy our table where we found a decent variety of tea bag options from Ringtons. I rather boringly opted for a reliable and delicious Earl Grey, but my tea-buddy had a more adventurous Lemon, Ginger and Ginseng tea which I've been told was lovely.

There wasn't long to wait before our three-tier pile of goodies was delivered to our table. First post of call was, of course, the sandwiches - our selection of finger sandwiches included two very generously-filled and festive turkey and stuffing sandwiches, a pair of smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches (which were ignored because smoked salmon is the devil), and then one each (?) of ham with mustard and cheese with tomato chutney.

Festive Afternoon Teas are a bit of a funny one for me - I love the Christmassy vibe and the extra excuse for an afternoon of sugary indulgence, but I'm generally not actually as keen on the 'festive' cakey offerings. All that dried fruit - it's just not really my bag! Here, we were provided with the fairly straightforward offerings of a mince pie and a mini Christmas pudding as part of our festive platter. I can handle mince pies, and I'm not over keen on Christmas Pudding - but I want to love them both!

The mince pie was just fine, and I did struggle a bit with the pud, but if you like all that stodgy fruit this would have been right up your street! My favourite bit on this level of the cake stand as the scone though - still fruity, of course, but nicely balanced out with the jam and cream, as well as the actual scone, so not quite so intense! It's not my favourite when the scones come pre-prepared but not the end of the world.

I am glad there was another layer of sweet things to go at though! The little panna cotta pots were lovely, even though the provided spoons didn't quite reach the bottom of the glasses! Then we got to finish off with a few little chocolatey bits apiece.

It's not my favourite afternoon of all time - I'd generally prefer a little more variety in flavours throughout my sweet bits, for example. But for £9 a head, this is still one of the best value for money afternoon teas I've come across, and since it's just down the road, it's one of the most convenient too! A great way to escape from the Christmas madness for a little while!

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